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MORE WINNING: Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against President Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’


MORE WINNING: Supreme Court Dismisses Case Against President Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’

The fight is virtually over, and President Trump has basically won.

That is the message the Supreme Court of the United States sent yesterday when they tossed a case against President Trump’s executive order aimed at restricting travel from terror-prone nations.

The reason given by the SCOTUS is simple: President Trump has issued a new, revised version of the ban, rendering the case against the original ban obsolete.

While there are already cases in both circuits against the new ban already, the liberal anti-Americans have lost. The fight is over, generally speaking.

This is because the new order includes two non-Muslim countries among the seven nations targeted, which are Venezuela and North Korea. So, the religious discrimination argument is useless. President Trump is a genius, and will simply keep on winning.

According to Breitbart:

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a case against President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order restricting travel and immigration from several terror-prone states on Tuesday.

The reason: the president issued a new version of the order last month that replaces the older version that had been the subject of litigation in the Fourth Circuit, rendering the case moot.

Though many lower federal courts in liberal circuits ruled against the executive order, the Trump administration was set for victory in June, when the Supreme Court lifted an injunction against the enforcement of the so-called “travel ban,” leaving the case to be argued in the fall. As Breitbart News noted at the time (original link):

Monday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to lift the injunction against most of President Donald Trump’s “travel ban” is a major victory — and not just because he will be able to implement the policy, but because the case is only scheduled to be heard in the fall, i.e. in October at the earliest.

Because most of the controversial provisions of the executive order only last 90 days, Trump it could be fully implemented before the Court hears the case.

The Court is prevented from hearing disputes that are already moot. There must be an active case or controversy in order for challenges to the executive order to be heard.

Trump can “win” simply by following through on the executive order, then declaring it fulfilled before the Court hears the various challenges to the case, cutting the Gordian Knot of legal theories and advancing his policies.

The president went even further, issuing an executive order that includes two non-Muslim countries — North Korea and Venezuela — among the seven that are subject to the new restrictions. That fact would make any claim of religious discrimination less likely to prevail.

The Supreme Court did not rule on the merits of the arguments in the lower courts — though, as USA Today points out, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor would have preferred that the case be dismissed without vacating the lower court’s decision. Another case that is pending from the Ninth Circuit is also likely to be vacated. There are already lawsuits in both circuits against the new executive order, but the fight is largely over, and Trump has won.

Boom. It’s over.

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The left, despite what you might hear on the fake news mainstream media networks, is failing miserably, and falling apart before our eyes.

Fun to watch.

One can only hope that these small wins are the beginning of the end of the Establishment.

All President Trump needs is to fix the courts, and, just maybe, get another Supreme Court Justice confirmed during his time as President.

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