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WATCH: The Truth Behind the Steelers’ Attacks Aimed at Teammate and Hero Alejandro Villanueva


WATCH: The Truth Behind the Steelers’ Attacks Aimed at Teammate and Hero Alejandro Villanueva

As you most probably already know, the Pittsburgh Steelers joined many other NFL elitist brats in taking a stance against the honoring of the American flag and our National Anthem. They took it a step further than simply kneeling, and chose to remain in the locker room/tunnel area off of the field while the anthem played.

With the exception of one true American hero: Ex-Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva.

Much has transpired since the charade. Not only did the head coach of the Steelers, anti-American race baiter Mike Tomlin, berate and slam Villanueva for being a patriot during a postgame interview, but the military and NFL hero was forced to issue a public apology just a day later.

The only good news, besides Villanueva standing, is that Americans responded immediately, making his jersey the number one selling piece of NFL merchandise overnight.

This is an outrageous display of political pressure and overreach, and, if you haven’t seen it yet, Villanueva looks like a hostage reassuring friends and family that he is okay in the video:

The coach was extremely vocal about his expectations of a “100% participation” by his team in protesting the country and what it stands for. He didn’t get that. Now he is throwing an immature sissy fit.

Here is the truth behind why:

Coach Tomlin is a Hillary Clinton fundraising machine, and sponsored multiple fundraisers for her during the 2106 election campaign. He even hosted one on June 14th at his own home in Pittsburgh. He is livid that Trump is President.

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Coach Tomlin is a bigot. He thinks his ego is more important than this country. Hmm… Your ego, sir, or my flag… Millions of patriots that were killed and/or maimed to protect and preserve our freedoms, or 200 spineless, immature and selfish cowards playing a child’s game for a living… Tough one, maybe I should ask the audience?

What a pathetic egotistical dweeb coach Tomlin is.

The truth is that Villanueva also should NEVER have apologized for standing, and should NEVER have caved to peer pressure. He simply should have said, “I am here to do a job that I signed up to do, a job that includes attending practices, pre-game events, and playing in league games. What others choose to do or not to do while on the clock and on the job is not my concern, and they are responsible for their decisions or actions, as am I. I am as much of a teammate and enthusiastic supporter of football as anyone else. I’ll leave it up to everyone to make their own decisions on extracurricular activities.”

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