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WATCH: Retired Marine Issues POWERFUL Letter to the NFL [Video]


WATCH: Retired Marine Issues POWERFUL Letter to the NFL [Video]

Retired Marine Colonel Jeffery A. Powers has had enough.

After witnessing the unpatriotic events this weekend across the National Football League, where players, coaches, staff, and even some team owners took a knee during the National Anthem, Col. Powers decided to send a letter to NFL Commissioner, the spineless Roger Goodell.

God bless this man!

Watch the video below; it should be the best three and a half minutes of your day!

If that isn’t powerful stuff, I don’t know what is, folks.

The ridiculous, self-serving and lame attempts by these mediocre athletes to make a failing political statement while on the job is just pathetic.

God bless this retired colonel for his service, for protecting us all, and for the letter he wrote.

The scumbag players who disrespect our flag need to know that the vast majority of us Americans love our flag and country more than a sport or a celebrity’s ego or opinion.

We care about our country more than your ego or opinion.

No military personnel should attend any NFL games while this nonsense continues.

They want to boycott the National Anthem; we should definitely be boycotting the sponsors that are paying for this atrocity to be possible. The NFL won’t listen to us, but I’m willing to bet my last dollar that they will surely listen to their high paying sponsors.

The NFL disgusts me.

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