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WATCH: Mattis, Tillerson & China Have Just Made HISTORY!

WATCH: Mattis, Tillerson & China Have Just Made HISTORY!


WATCH: Mattis, Tillerson & China Have Just Made HISTORY!

Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Mattis have just held a joint press conference to discuss their progress in dealing with China: the results are extraordinary! Never before has North Korea been such a threat to other nations around the world; the NK Dictator has ramped up his rhetoric and has openly threatened the US and South Korea. The time has come to deal with them.

Nobody wants to go to war with a nation because of its Demagogue leader, the loss of civilian life would be too great; so a diplomatic solution is needed…And this is where the special meetings with China come from. Relations with the Chinese leaders have historically been quite cool and standoffish but under Donald Trump, things seem to have warmed.

President Trump knows how to build relationships, and in Chinese society, relationships (or GuanXi) are of the utmost importance. When Trump invited Premier Xi Jinping to his Mar-a-Lago retreat instead of the usual “official White House visit”, the MSM thought this a bad move. But it wasn’t. In China, this was a sign of great respect to the Premier (the giving of “face”) which showed the Chinese people that the two world leaders had a more special relationship than others. And it is through this relationship that the North Korean problem will be solved.

As reported in Liberty Writers:

Mattis said: “China continues to work on these issues.” Tillerson, next to Mattis, followed up with: “They have a diplomatic responsibility to assert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime if they want to prevent further escalation in the region.

The two men say they had made great strides with China’s cooperation on North Korean sanctions. Tillerson told reporters: “We reaffirmed our commitment to implement in full all relevant U.N. Security Council resolutions. For example, we both agree that our companies should not do business with any U.N.-designated North Korean entities.” The summit also covered issues in the South China Sea and China’s contributions to defeating ISIS and helping Iraq achieve more stability and economic growth.

Mattis summed up the meeting with these words of unity and understanding between the the US and China in the future: “This has been a unique opportunity for our nations to engage in philosophical level discussions about how we discuss these issues and discuss the way ahead. While competition between our nations is bound to occur, conflict is not inevitable.


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Even if we were to look at the situation from a perspective of mutual self-interest; as we build deeper trade ties with China, any threats to the US become a threat to Chinese economic stability, and they will never allow this to happen. More than 90% of North Korea’s international trade is with China, so if China decides to cut off trade, NK will be in a very, very bad situation.

Trump is a businessman first and foremost. He knows that relationships are built and endure because of mutual respect and mutual self-interest; he is the right President at the right time to deal with the North Korean threat.

If you think that the US should take a firmer line with North Korea, or if you think that Trump is on the right track, let us know in the comments section below and share with your friends.


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