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WATCH: LIBERAL UTOPIA: California Officially Becomes First ‘Sanctuary State.’ Here are the Details.


WATCH: LIBERAL UTOPIA: California Officially Becomes First ‘Sanctuary State.’ Here are the Details.

California is now an illegal state, folks.

The ultra-liberal state has officially become the first ‘Sanctuary State’ in the US.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in defiance of the Federal Government and President Trump’s pro-American agenda. This bill prevents law enforcement from asking Californians about their immigration status, and taking part in other Federal enforcement efforts in targeting illegal aliens.

California just shot itself in the foot.

Not only has the Federal Government, which for the first time in over a decade is on the side of the American people, threatened to withhold federal funding if this passed, but this will provide an incentive for all criminal illegal aliens to head over to the Golden State.

Which is a win for every single red state that does not support the radical liberal agenda.

As the illegal criminals flock to the West Coast, we should see a significant drop in crime in most other states that do not support this anti-American legislation.

We should start offering free bus tickets for the mass migration of illegals to California.

I feel extremely bad for hard-working Californians who did not want this.

My message to them is as follows: While you can’t fix stupid, you CAN vote it out of office. Four terms of Jerry Brown got you this. Time to get him out, or get out yourselves.

Watch the report from Fox News:

California is now officially the first 'sanctuary state'

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I cannot believe that Governor Jerry Brown gets paid to do absolutely nothing but make the lives of everyday Californians miserable.

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