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WATCH: If ISIS is Responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting, There’s a HORRIFYING Reason No Proof Has Come Out Yet


WATCH: If ISIS is Responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting, There’s a HORRIFYING Reason No Proof Has Come Out Yet

Terror experts, including Rukmini Callimachi, who has been studying the Islamic State for years, strongly believe that Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman behind the massacre, may have indeed converted to Islam and been a radical Jihadist.

As ISIS scrambles to take credit for the deadliest mass shooting on US soil, many in the FBI and other agencies discredited the claim almost immediately. The same FBI who supposedly found out beyond reasonable doubt that Paddock was not affiliated with the Islamic terror group in any way cannot find any Russian collusion in ten months. Fascinating.

But terror experts, you know, the ones with actual experience studying terrorists, beg to differ.

As the Islamic State triples and quadruples down on the claims to the terror attack in Vegas, they have given Paddock an Islamic war name, “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,” and have published the attack in their Naba magazine.

Watch this powerful and revealing report from Newsweek:

You know what the biggest contradiction seems to be so far? That the shooter put 200 rounds through his hotel door before he started firing on the crowd. 200 rounds, using conventional 30 round mags and reloading flawlessly, would set off more than one alarm bell in the hotel itself. Something is very wrong with the timeline/sequence of events. Was the guard a second shooter? I suppose we will wait and see, as the story surrounding the guard has changed a few times.

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So, to recap and summarize: it was an ISIS target (concert, Vegas), hit w ISIS tactics (max blood, no VIABLE escape alive), after ISIS called for just these sorts of attacks (Westerners attacking their own countries) and ISIS claimed it (three times officially and twice unofficially, w propaganda in the can ready to go before the attack).

Rita Katz, John Robb, Rukmini Callimachi, Veryan Khan, Jasmine Opperman and, of course, Michael Smith, all say to keep an open mind even w no visible links (other than trips to ME and Asian destinations frequented by jihadis). Phil Mudd thinks the gf is lying too. That’s hardly a bunch of conspiracy theorists spouting politicized claptrap.

I’m guessing he may have converted but not sworn loyalty and allegiance to Baghdadi. In their claim of responsibility ISIS use the phrase “may Allah accept him.” ISIS would not state that unless they knew he was a fellow Muslim. Doing so otherwise would be blasphemy.

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Source: Newsweek


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