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WATCH: Democratic Legislator Has CLASSIC MELTDOWN Over Speeding Ticket


WATCH: Democratic Legislator Has CLASSIC MELTDOWN Over Speeding Ticket

This liberal New York county legislator has some serious issues.

This person is a Democratic lawmaker, a public servant.

Her name is Jennifer Schwartz Berky, and she is the Democratic Legislator for Ulster County.

A police officer pulls this mad woman over for speeding, and what transpires is nothing short of an insane, hilarious meltdown.

Watch this liberal lunatic in action:

This is for a speeding ticket.

If she would just quiet down long enough for the officer to do his job maybe she would have actually heard what he was explaining to her.

The real question here is, who are these people who keep on voting these nutcases into office?

Ulster County, come on, folks. You can do better than this.

The meltdown lasted 26 full minutes.

Don’t get me wrong here for even a second, I am completely sympathetic towards individuals who suffer from REAL panic attacks and REAL anxiety issues, and I have friends who go through it every single day.

Which is why I can easily spot the fakest attempt at crying and panicking ever.

This video, if anything, also shows how professional and patient law enforcement officers are, and how truly nerve-racking their jobs can be.

Everyone should ride in this police officer’s shoes for a day.

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