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WATCH: Delusional Antifa Freak Goes on Fox News, Promotes Violence, Gets SLAMMED with Facts…


WATCH: Delusional Antifa Freak Goes on Fox News, Promotes Violence, Gets SLAMMED with Facts…

No words, once again, folks.

This Antifa thug, who goes by the name of “Kevin,” and who wouldn’t provide his last name because he knows he is a coward and a criminal. This Kevin character took to Fox News , specifically the Jesse Watters show, to explain why he is urging liberals to use violence and fight President Trump and his administration.

This moron wrote an open letter on the domestic terror group’s site, claiming there is a spike in “far-right violence, murder and arson attacks, which have been almost completely ignored by the media and the Trump administration…” and goes on to basically say that it is time for liberal airheads to become violent because their demands aren’t being met.

I wonder how long it will take for the Secret Service to pay this little brat a visit.

Watch the entire exchange with Jesse Watters in the hilarious video below:

According to Fox News:

Jesse Watters debated a protester from ANTIFA, short for anti-fascism, a group calling for violence against the “Trump- Pence regime.”

Kevin from the Boston ANTIFA branch penned an open letter on the anarchist site urging liberals and progressives to violence to take down President Trump.

The letter claims a rise in “far-Right violence, murder, and arson attacks, which have been almost completely ignored by both the media and the Trump administration.”

“It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics.”

Kevin said his group only wants “violence in self-defense from aggression by these racists and xenophobes that come and attack us at our peaceful protests.”

“Was it in self-defense when you firebombed a limousine during the inauguration?” Watters asked.

The ANTIFA representative responded with one word, “yes.”

“The owner of the limousine is a Muslim immigrant. Were you aware of that?”

“A lot of violence committed by so-called ANTIFA members is actually committed by these right-wingers who basically seek to make us look bad,” Kevin told Watters.

“What about when an ANTIFA member stabbed a police horse in the neck with a knife,” Watters continued. “Was the horse a racist Trump supporter?”

“Yes,” the protester said.

“I didn’t know horses could vote,” Watters chuckled.

The protester added that the horse is a tool of the police, who have been “increasingly racist and xenophobic” under the Trump administration.

Horses are apparently racist now, and they all apparently love President Trump.

Un. Believable.

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I don’t know about you, but to me, when someone openly calls for violence against a sitting president, that person should be considered a danger to themselves and others, and locked up accordingly.

And, it should be noted that Jesse Watters clearly won the argument with this uneducated liberal buffoon, as Jesse used those pesky things liberals hate… You know… Facts.

Jesse Watters completely destroyed this liberal loon. You can see this Kevin freak avoid and dodge question after question as if he only knew how to read off of the Soros script fed to him before the interview.

Moral of the story: We all need to be vigilant, and be on the lookout for those obnoxious right-wing pro-Trump horses! They’re everywhere!!

On a more serious note, this criminal should be in jail, not on TV, although the lunacy spewed by the left and people like him is quite entertaining at times.

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