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WATCH: College Students Love President Trump’s Tax Plan Thinking it is Bernie Sanders’s Plan


WATCH: College Students Love President Trump’s Tax Plan Thinking it is Bernie Sanders’s Plan


That is what today’s average college student is in terms of politics.

Today’s youth has been so indoctrinated by the media and the liberal academic system that they cannot think for themselves anymore.

For instance, during the 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders was the popular candidate among young Democrats and liberals, so if he said the sky was magenta, it was effing magenta to a college kid. Otherwise he or she wasn’t considered “cool” and didn’t fit in.

In a glorious prank exposing this groupthink mentality and the incapability of most college students to think for themselves, Campus Reform journalist Cabot Phillips questioned students from George Washington University about what they thought of “Bernie Sanders’s (President Trump’s) tax plan.

The results were simultaneously sad and hilarious.



These young minds have been so politically brainwashed that they do not know how or what to think of anything or anyone else. Thanks to the constant barrage of talking points that liberals all sing in one voice, these kids have grown up believing that made-up opinions are the truth.

You can thank the liberal media and education system for videos like these.

Oh, and Campus Reform, of course!

According to Breitbart:

Campus Reform reporter Cabot Phillips asked George Washington University students what they thought about President Trump’s tax reform proposal.

“It’s better for the upper class than anyone else,” one student claimed.

“It’s probably not the most efficient nor beneficial to the general populace,” another student added.

Phillips then introduced the students to three parts of Trump’s tax reform proposal, telling them, though, that the proposal was drafted by Senator Bernie Sanders. He mentioned specifically Trump’s proposal to eliminate the estate tax and his proposal to increase the child tax credit.

“I do think that’s a good idea because I’m from New Jersey and we used to have a really heavy inheritance tax,” one girl said, responding to Trump’s death tax proposal.

Phillips then mentioned Trump’s proposal to drop small business taxes to a 25 percent maximum.

“My family has a small business, so I would definitely think that’s a positive thing,” one student said.

“Any way we can help small businesses work and thrive is definitely something that is beneficial for the country,” another student chimed in.

Phillips then asked the students if they preferred the “Bernie Sanders” plan to Trump’s proposal.

“I think it was pretty good,” a student said. “Definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing, I would make that leap right there.”

Finally, Phillips revealed that the tax plan that the students found reasonable actually belonged to President Trump. “What if I told you that this actually is Donald Trump’s tax plan, not Bernie’s?” Phillips asked.

“You got me,” she responded.

“It is, it’s Trump’s plan,” Phillips admitted.

“I’m definitely happily surprised that it sounds a lot better than I would have expected it to,” one student said.

“I am shocked that I do agree with Trump on certain things,” another student added.

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Source: Breitbart


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