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WATCH: BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Who is Stephen Paddock? Could the Las Vegas Shooting Actually Be a Set-Up? Here are the Concerning Details


WATCH: BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Who is Stephen Paddock? Could the Las Vegas Shooting Actually Be a Set-Up? Here are the Concerning Details

Follow the money.

As we continue to receive the facts surrounding the horror that unfolded in Las Vegas this week, we are faced with more questions than answers.

Now, I want to start off immediately by saying that there is still MUCH to be discovered about Stephen Paddock, his network, and many other details related to the massacre. Many facts have come in, but there are still many, many questions left unanswered.

Questions like: Who is his girlfriend? Why was she now named a person of interest? Was Stephen Paddock radicalized by leftists?

Some are even asking: Was Stephen Paddock even the REAL shooter, or was there someone else? Was this all a set-up to create a culture-war tipping point and spark a real civil war in the streets of America?

Others have taken it a step further: Could the shooter, supposedly the lone shooter, Stephen Paddock, have been a front, a pawn meant to trigger a war between the left and the right, while also promote new security regulations that will further strip the public of their individual liberties while simultaneously lining leftist elitist pockets?

The devil is in the details, and the details are VERY concerning at this point.

And while we wait for the truth to come out, if it ever does, a good way of finding clues are to do what we do best: Follow the Money.

WATCH this shocking bombshell of a report:

Crazy stuff, is it not?

Again, there are still many facts that are not available to us yet, but what we know so far paints a pretty concerning picture.

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Additionally, the fact that Mandalay Bay’s CEO James Murren is a sitting member on the Department of National Securities committee for the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, where they debate “issues” as well as what they can do to help pass regulations and make their “solutions” both mandatory and affordable for Shareholders/casino owners… say to install security infrastructure… like metal detectors and scanning devices, and also to make the use of these machines acceptable to the public. Remember DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff immediately rolled out the machines into the airports after the underwear bomber.

It is also worth noting that George Soros invests in these “solutions” regularly.

Always consider the best approach to solving these mysteries… follow the money.

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