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WATCH: Bill Maher Attempts to Turn Evangelicals Against Trump by Making Outrageous Comparison…


WATCH: Bill Maher Attempts to Turn Evangelicals Against Trump by Making Outrageous Comparison…

Liberal Hollywood types are the most pathetic of the anti-Trump lot.

Day after day their tantrums and outcries get more and more outrageous, annoying, and baseless.

Just this week, Bill Maher failed in his attempt to attack President Trump while interviewing evangelical Ralph Reed, who happened to also be the chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Maher grilled Reed, and tried to corner him by asking him how he and fellow evangelicals could support President Trump as he compared our President to… Satan.

Yes. Satan. That’s who Bill Maher thinks President Trump is.

“Trump, giant liar, Satan, father of lies,” were his exact words.

This is our president he is talking about. This is where Hollywood liberals have gone.

Watch the pathetic fail by Bill Maher in the interview below:

According to The Hill:

HBO’s Bill Maher on Friday asked Faith and Freedom Coalition chairman Ralph Reed how evangelicals could support President Trump when, in the host’s view, “he does seem like the least Christian man ever.”

“Why do you think Trump’s support among the evangelicals is so solid?” Maher asked on “Real Time.” “Because he does seem like the least Christian man ever.”

Trump won white evangelical voters with a huge margin in the 2016 election, according to exit polls. His support among the subset of Protestants has remained consistent since his election, although there is dissension among self-identified evangelical leaders. 

“Trump, giant liar, Satan, father of lies,” Maher said, making the comparison between Trump and Satan. “What about the thing that Jesus was sort of not really fond of egomaniacs, or rich people? Isn’t Donald Trump a rich egomaniac, who — you know, everything is about money and doing well and winners and losers?”

Reed, the head of the president’s religious advisory board, defended the president for keeping promises on religious issues, including successfully nominating Neil Gorsuch, a staunch conservative, to the Supreme Court.

“Every time he told me he was gonna do something, he did it. His word was his bond,” Reed said. “And let me give one example: He ran for president, and he released a list of 21 potential nominees to the Supreme Court. He was the first nominee of either party to do that.”

“He said, ‘If you vote for me, I won’t choose someone like these 21, I will choose one of these 21.”

“You can’t deny he’s a giant liar,” the host, an avowed atheist, said. “It just does not seem Christlike, Ralph.”

Pew Research showed that the thrice-married Trump captured 81 percent of the Evangelical vote in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. The Faith and Freedom Coalition, an influential non-profit, has long supported Trump. 

2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney won 78 percent of Evangelical support, while 2008 nominee John McCain delivered 74 percent of their vote.

Talk about some big-time hypocrisy.

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Bill doesn’t care about Obama or Hillary’s scandals and outright lies. But unproven theories against President Trump somehow make him Satan in Bill’s eyes and mind.

How crazy is that?

But to press an evangelical about his faith over it in an interview? Really?

What’s next with the liberals, folks?

I guess the foul-mouthed Hollywood elite are going to continue their blind tirade of attacks and vile comparisons.

It is quite pitiful, if you ask me.

What do you think of all this?

Share, and comment with your thoughts!


Source: The Hill


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