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UN-AMERICAN: On Independence Day, ZERO References to July 4th on Obama’s Social Media Accounts

ZERO References to July 4th on Obama’s Social Media Accounts


UN-AMERICAN: On Independence Day, ZERO References to July 4th on Obama’s Social Media Accounts

Did you post something patriotic on the 4th of July?

Did you put something up, a picture, a video, a status, a hashtag, anything, on the 4th of July to wish family, friends, and fellow Americans a happy Independence Day?

I’ll bet you did. At least once. Somewhere.

I did too. But, you and I are not a former President of the United States!!

When you are an elected representative of the American people, especially when you’ve held the highest office in the land, one would expect that, at the very least, you would show that you love, not loathe, America on its holidays.

But no, not Barack Hussein Obama.

On the very special patriotic American holiday that is Independence Day, we found ZERO mention of the holiday on Barack Obama’s Twitter feed or Facebook page. Nothing about the 4th on the 4th. Zip, zilch, nada.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond thrilled that we now have a President in President Trump that loves rather than despises our great nation.

According to Breitbart:

Most Americans spent Independence Day this year enjoying picnics, parades, and family get-togethers, and many shared those experiences on social media.

Meanwhile, former President Barack Obama’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were free of the clutter of any Independence Day good wishes for his former voters.

The former president spent his day overseas at a conference in Seoul, South Korea — but back home, his social media accounts displayed not a hint of the holiday his countrymen were celebrating this July Fourth.

There was no mention of Independence Day on Obama’s official Twitter account.

Indeed, Obama’s last tweet came on June 22, where he was last seen trying to whip up his Democrat followers to oppose any changes to his signature healthcare law.

Four days before that, the ex-president was thrilled to join the nation in celebrating Father’s Day.

But again, there was not a hint of any good wishes for his countrymen celebrating Independence Day on Twitter.

The former president’s Facebook page was no more patriotic than his Twitter account. Like his Twitter page, the last full entry on his Facebook page was also a political plea to supporters to resist Republican changes to Obamacare.

At press time on Wednesday, there was still no message wishing Americans a happy Independence Day holiday.

Former President Barack Obama had far more important things to do on July Fourth in South Korea this year–like attacking the current president.

Anyone surprised here?

Like we didn’t expect this from Obama.

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He is void of the simple emotions that most patriots feel concerning this country, and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage.

I guess it’s not an Islamic holiday.

Obama doesn’t want the United States to be an independent and free country. He wants us to be subject to unelected Globalists of the New World Order. He’s just an abomination. He only celebrates Dependence Day, November 6th 2008. Thank God his reign is over!

Now we all get to see the real hope & change Obama! As it turned out he despised the USA, and our culture, as did his colleagues, Clinton, Holder, Rice, Lynch, etc.!

Bring on the indictments Attorney General Sessions!

Just a few days ago, to reassure us further of his anti-American agenda, Obama told Americans to not be so patriotic and lean away from nationalism and towards liberal international order. He said that is the best way to go.

Thank you Lord for President Donald J. Trump.


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