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ULTIMATE HYPOCRISY: Women’s March Protected by Armed Security as they March Against the NRA and Gun Rights


ULTIMATE HYPOCRISY: Women’s March Protected by Armed Security as they March Against the NRA and Gun Rights

And we all thought these faux-feminists couldn’t get any more hypocritical…

The truth is, if leftists were forced to be honest, they would no longer be leftists… These hypocritical, disgusting, lonely, useless women are using the very tool they are marching against to protect them while they advance their anti-American agenda.

They are using our amazing system and laws against us to bring us down in every way possible.

I have no words for this level of hypocrisy.

And don’t for a single second thing that snakes like Linda Sarsour (whose last name literally and fittingly means “Cockroach” in Arabic. Yeah.) are dumb or stupid. They know EXACTLY what they are doing, and they hate us.

According to Breitbart:

True to the left’s habit of having one set of standards for itself and another set for the common man, participants in Friday’s Women’s March against the NRA and gun rights were surrounded by armed guards.

In fact, NRA TV showed Women’s March co-chair Tamika Mallory getting into a car with armed guards all around.

Ironically, one of the protest themes at the march was, “Real Men Don’t Need Guns,” which is lefty talk for disarming the public while making sure high-profile liberals continue to live ensconced behind layers of armed security.

Townhall reports:

Leftist agitators like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts hiring armed protection while demanding the rest of us turn in our guns into government bureaucrats is nothing new. Watts does the same every time she shows up to protest at the NRA annual meeting. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who pays Watts millions to take away the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans, doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail.

Would these women still even be able to march if all of them were subjected to Linda Sarsour’s beloved radical Islamic Sharia law? Nope! They’d be beheaded for speaking out, or stoned to death, a favorite of the locals from where Sarsour, the cockroach, is from.

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What is even more hypocritical is, the Everytown trollop says the organization only seeks to keep guns out of the hands of felons, the dangerously mentally ill and other prohibited purchasers.

Newsflash: That’s already the law, nationwide, hence the term “prohibited” in her statement.

Now that their mission is completed, when can we expect them to disband? If she’s telling the truth, there’s no reason for the group to exist any longer, nor for anyone to make donations to it. By the way, did you ever, post-9/11, expect to see Americans marching with a hateful Arab to protest against their own rights?

You truly cannot make this stuff up…

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