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WE NEED TO WAKE UP: The Truth About Saifullah Saipov and Radical Islamic Terrorists Like Him


WE NEED TO WAKE UP: The Truth About Saifullah Saipov and Radical Islamic Terrorists Like Him

The truth about Saifullah Saipov and all other Radical Islamic terrorists like him is a simple yet inconvenient truth.

And, as there is something EXTREMELY dangerous incubating inside our communities… I cannot simply remain silent on this any longer.

As we learn more and more about the Radical Islamic Terrorist from Uzbekistan, Saifullah Saipov, we must constantly be reminded that there is an extremely dangerous situation brewing right under our noses, right here in America.

Saifullah means “Sword of Allah” in Arabic.

The truth, as inconvenient as it is, ladies and gentlemen, is this: Islam is incompatible with Western morals, values and ideals, and Sharia law and the Constitution cannot coexist.

There are many examples of this, including San Bernardino, Orlando, and now New York City, again.

These people are not crazy; they’re calculated. They are not deranged; their acts are premeditated. They are not lone wolves; they ALWAYS have help from either a small or large Islamic organization.

Here is the truth as an example:

The Muslim Brotherhood, the party and movement that Obama so repulsively revered, is undoubtedly an incubator for homegrown terror in the US.

Here is the problem: An Islamist, a radical Muslim, and a “moderate” Muslim – they’re all the same – they simply all form part of an organization. One funds, the other facilitates, and the other implements. Just because parties like the Muslim Brotherhood preach non-violence doesn’t mean they are peaceful at all, because talk is cheap, and while they sell garbage as gold to the naïve liberals of our societies, they are polluting the minds of the next generation of violent Jihadists. They are the funders and facilitators, the enablers and encouragers of global Jihad.

That’s the result of a fresh study that traces the development of 100 prominent jihadists within the global Islamic society. Right here in the United States.

We need to wake up.

We MUST pay much closer attention to so-called “peaceful” Muslims. I always say that if the known violent radical Islamic terrorists are the snakes, the so-called moderate Muslims are the grass they hide in.

Half of the jihadists studied by Centre on Religion & Geopolitics had links to purportedly non-violent Islamists, yet they quickly and effortlessly transitioned to the dark side when the time was right, in which they targeted innocents with bombs, bullets or blades.

The term “Islamist” is meant to depict followers of fundamentalist, purist Islam, who are pushing the enforcement of Shariah law, be it by nonviolent or, preferably, violent means.

The authors of this new research – in exploring “pathways to militancy” among the 100 radical Islamic terrorists – found there is oftentimes a fine line that divides the two sides of the Islamist coin.

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The 100 Jihadist militants all are ethnically from the Middle East and Africa, but come from several different generations. The authors deduced that links to nonviolent Islamist groups can habitually impact an individual’s path toward terrorism.

This is where individuals get indoctrinated, brainwashed by the ideological principles of Shariah and jihad prior to “graduating” to the next level of assaults and terrorism, according to the study.

This is very significant: the majority, 51 percent, of the radicals in question were formerly linked to Islamist groups that pose as nonviolent organizations, including “bodies that are not necessarily political activist organizations but form a functioning arm of existing Islamist groups, such as youth wings, student associations, and other societies.”

High-ranking al-Qaida frontrunners, including Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheik Muhammad, Anwar al-Awlaki and present leader Ayman al-Zawihiri were all participants of or direct members of the Muslim Brotherhood before they became radical Islamic terrorist royalty.

The Trump administration, after initially hinting that it would classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, reversed course for some reason after Trump won the election. A report last month claimed that President Trump had chosen to take the advice of the US State Department and the King of Jordan and not pursue the Brotherhood.

I hate to say this, but I think we will all regret that in the long run, and I truly hope President Trump reconsiders. Here’s why:

A quarter of the terrorists studied had strong and clear links to the Muslim Brotherhood or some of its front groups.

“Our data links the leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS today to the forefathers of the movement through people they met in prison, at university, and on the battlefield,” wrote the study’s writers.

Steve Emerson, the Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, stressed that the data undoubtedly proves the notion that nonviolent Islamist organizations definitely “serve as potential incubators for radicalization and violence.”

The brainwashed Muslim group members move on to participate in vicious agitation, inspiring others to perform terrorist attacks, Emerson reported.

It’s the inability to identify and pinpoint the roles of nonviolent jihadists that causes the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to fail in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

We need to wake up and expose these snakes for who they really are.

It is time to reverse the “Diversity Visa” and apologist programs that bring danger to our doorsteps.

Enough is enough.

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