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Trump’s Budget Will FORCE California to Deport Illegal Migrant Criminals


Trump’s Budget Will FORCE California to Deport Illegal Migrant Criminals

The much argued over budget that many claim was a loss for President Donald Trump, may, in fact, be a stroke of Mastery from a famed businessman who knows how contracts really work. Whilst those on the Left were cheering that the budget had almost nothing about Illegal Immigration in it, those who support President Trump were saddened that more wasn’t done.

But it seems that one of the provisions of the budget may actually mean that the State of California is literally “forced” to remove criminal migrants from the US. In the budget, there are actually strategic cuts that remove subsidies for housing prisoners who are not legally in the US. This may not seem like much, but when you consider that it means the government will no longer pay for illegal migrant prisoners to be held, either the Sate will have to stump up the money themselves, or actually deport the criminals.

California, in particular, has such a huge prison population, and many of those are in the US illegally. There is no way they will be able to afford to keep them. And unless they hand them over to ICE for deportation, the State will soon bankrupt itself.

This is not a brand new plan. It was tried around 20 years ago but had such negative push back that it was dropped. Fortunately, President Trump has more fortitude in these matters and is likely not going to back down.


As reported in USA Politics Today:

However, Trump is using the power of the federal government to turn the screw on the nation’s most disgraceful state, by making it more difficult for them to protect illegals. As reported at Right Wing News, buried deep within Trump’s budget proposal, you’ll find strategic cuts targeting government subsidies to states that house prisoners who are not in the US legally. For California, this is a huge loss, considering the large proportion of illegals that are inmates.

Cutting this program was tried unsuccessfully over 20 years ago, and even then, California’s governor at the time, Pete Wilson, whined about how unfair it was.

“The intent of federal law is unequivocal. The federal government must either reimburse the state at a fair rate for the incarceration of any undocumented inmate which it identifies or… take the burden of incarceration off the state’s hands,” Wilson said.

You see, these Sanctuary Cities are not just costing the States money, ALL Americans are paying for their ill-thought-out regime. The money to house prisoners comes in part from the federal budget. This means YOU are paying to house illegal migrant criminals. If a State like California insists on keeping criminals in their state, that’s between them and the people who vote for them. It’s not fair that others should pay for this folly.

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If you think it’s fair that Federal funding should be withdrawn from Sanctuary Cities, then share this article with your friends, so they can get onboard, too.


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