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Trump’s Budget Plan Prioritizes American Taxpayers!


Trump’s Budget Plan Prioritizes American Taxpayers!

President Trump recently announced his budget plan, which proposes a total of a $1.7 trillion reduction from parasitic entitlement programs. Work requirements will be strengthened, while waste, abuse, and fraud are eliminated. Breitbart referenced the new plan as a “taxpayer-first budget.” It is high time for the hardworking men and women of this nation to be valued, not penalized and forced to foot the bill for others.

A White House official hypothesized that conservatives would love the budget plan, while moderates would detest it. The plan is based on a 3% economic growth rate and the success of the American Health Care Act. Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, states that the budget plan was written from the perspective of bill payers.

Despite the annual $700 billion that goes to entitlement programs, poverty reductions are minimal. Decreasing funds towards parasitic government programs could rightfully incentivize recipients to seek employment. Each person has a responsibility to contribute to society.

Many liberals who favor big government have expressed their displeasure with the President’s new budget cut. This is to be expected. However, it begs to question: how long must hardworking Americans be forced to pay for others?

President’s Trump budget plan prioritizes Americans as it should. People who work hard to earn a living should not be treated as second class citizens and expected to support those who contribute nothing. At some point, liberals have to grow up, be adults, and fund themselves.

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