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TRAITOR: Sgt. Bergdahl, Whom Obama Praised in the Rose Garden, Pleads Guilty. What This Means for the Left.


TRAITOR: Sgt. Bergdahl, Whom Obama Praised in the Rose Garden, Pleads Guilty. What This Means for the Left.

This is disgusting, folks.

To even think that Obama not only praised this disgrace in the Rose Garden, but also released five of Guantanamo Bay’s most dangerous terrorists for him, is nauseating.

The traitor otherwise known as Bowe Bergdahl cost America six of its finest, bravest heroes, and five of the most violent, dangerous radical Islamic terrorist prisoners.

Obama said Bergdahl served with “Honor and distinction.”

He just plead guilty to desertion.

He is a traitor.

This means that either Obama was too stupid to know that this scumbag was a traitor at the time, which, as President, with access to the intelligence he had, is simply impossible, or, that he had an agenda that aligned with Bergdahl’s.

Obama saw Bergdahl as a hero, and as a Soldier who served America with “honor and distinction,” but had to have known that he was a deserter and a traitor.

All that says about Barack Hussein Obama is that he shared Bergdahl’s views, and is just as guilty of desertion and turning his back on Americans as Bergdahl is.

The left’s agenda is anti-American.

That is what this all means.

The truth has come out.

Had Obama’s views not been aligned with those of deserter Bowe Bergdahl, we would still have five terrorists in captivity, and this deserter would probably have been ultimately killed by the Taliban.

At least, by having him here, the truth has come out for all to see. This was a deliberate attempt by the left to weaken America.

According to Breitbart:

Army Sgt. Bowe Berghdal pleaded guilty to desertion and misbehavior on Monday, despite an effort by President Barack Obama and his White House to brand him as a homecoming hero.

In 2014, White House National Security advisor Susan Rice insisted that Bergdahl “served the United States with honor and distinction” after the Obama administration exchanged five Taliban commanders for his release.

After President Obama hailed Berghdal’s release during a press conference with his parents, some of his squad members broke their silence about his disappearance and capture by the enemy, accusing him of deserting his company.

Six soldiers died hunting for Bergdahl in Afghanistan after he disappeared.

Trump described Bergdahl as a “dirty rotten traitor” during his presidential campaign, suggesting he should be executed.

This is what Obama sees as honor and distinction.

How telling.

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What does this tell you about the true intentions of the Democrats and the radical left?

What do you think should happen to Bergdahl?

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Source: Breitbart


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