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HILARIOUS: Tomi Lahren Joins Forces with Nonprofit to Rid America of ‘Snowflakeism’


HILARIOUS: Tomi Lahren Joins Forces with Nonprofit to Rid America of ‘Snowflakeism’

Conservative news star Tomi Lahren has teamed up with “Great America Alliance” a pro-Trump nonprofit, to offer this gem which she claims will cure the country of the illness known as “Snowflakeism.”

According to Snowflake No More:

If you or someone you know is suffering from Snowflakeism, there is hope.

Symptoms may include:

  • Bern-ing
  • Saying things like, “I’m with her”
  • Ignoring facts like Benghazi, private email servers, and ransom payments to Iran

If you know of anyone suffering from Snowflakism, there is hope.

Share this video with them to defrost their life and help them realize that President Trump is Making America Great Again!

  Watch this hilarious video from her new site below:


According to Daily Dot:

American liberals are sick, literally sick, says conservative commentator Tomi Lahren, over the Trump presidency, and the cure is to just accept reality.

In her latest video, Lahren discusses a rare disease she calls “acute, chronic Snowflakeism.” She says that left-wing Americans are “ignoring facts” around Benghazi, Clinton’s email servers, and the Obama administration’s relationship with Iran.

“Symptoms may include Bern-ing and saying things like ‘Hillary won the popular vote’ and ‘I’m with her!’” Lahren explains, showing a photo of a man with a tattoo of Bernie Sanders’ hairline.

The 30-second clip is funded by “Great America Alliance,” a branch of the pro-Trump Super PAC “Great America PAC,” and links to a site called “Snowflake No More,” which encourages users to share the video across social media. Because, as Lahren says, people should realize that “Donald Trump is Making America Great Again.”

Previously, the Great America Alliance used $400,000 in donations to run an ad targeting former FBI Director James Comey. The ad criticized Comey as “just another D.C. insider only in it for himself,” calling him a “showboat” in the title. That campaign aired ahead of Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June, raising further questions about President Trump’s integrity as commander-in-chief.


Nice to see the liberals are still doing nothing to make America great.

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Maybe they can learn a bit about where to start by going to Tomi’s site and watching her video.

In other Tomi news, she takes on Chelsea Handler in a political debate in Pasadena, California on July 29-30.

Have fun taking on Chelsea Handler. Her platform will be hate and negativity sprinkled with her attempts at humor and your platform will be facts. Don’t wear white in case her head explodes.

It would be great if our little liberal social justice warrior snowflakes would take up causes like the general treatment of women under Sharia law…Rosie, Madonna, Michael Moore??

They are too busy trying to ruin America and attack our values to care about real problems.

Share this EVERYWHERE if you know someone who needs the cure!


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