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It’s Time To Arrest Comey


It’s Time To Arrest Comey

On Thursday, Washington shut down as former FBI director James Comey spoke before the Senate Intelligence committee on Capital Hill. Bars offered drinks for every Trump tweet during Comey testimony (they were sadly disappointed). Some workplaces allowed employees to watch the proceedings; other employees streamed the audio at their desks. We as a nation wanted to know just what Comey would say, especially since he released a prepared statement Wednesday detailing the main points of his testimony.

Some experts predicted Comey would answer a few questions, but mostly stick to his prepared written remarks, which he did for the most part.

Then Comey dropped a bombshell.

Comey admitted under oath to leaking his memo information. He “woke up in the middle of the night” and decided that he had to be proactive in defending himself against lies he was sure Trump would tell. So he called his buddy, a liberal professor at Columbia University, and had him to leak the idea of the memo to the press. Then he got out of town before the “seagulls” of the press swooped down on him.

What Comey admitted to – under oath, no less – is illegal. Furthermore, he ruined that “aw, shucks,” good ole boy persona that made him come across previously as honest to a fault. He was outspoken about leaks and the lawlessness of leaking. Now we Americans are left to wonder – is this the first time Comey leaked information? If not (and it is likely not, so much of the information leaked possibly came from the FBI), just what else did Comey leak?

Comey has destroyed that honest image he was famous for. He admitted that Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the Hillary Clinton investigation as a “matter,” a term also used by the Clinton campaign team. Comey admitted that this conversation made him “confused,” yet he did not go to his supervisor at the time to express concern about possible collusion between the Clintons and the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch.

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Doesn’t make much sense when you think about his “confusing” and uncomfortable conversation with Trump . . . you know, the one where supposedly Trump told him, “I hope you can see a way to let this (with disgraced General Michael Flynn) go” – which Comey claims made him uncomfortable. He wrote memos regarding conversations with Trump because he felt the President would lie later on. Yet he never breathed a word about his conversation with Lynch until Thursday?

18 US Code 641 says that Comey’s memos were not his to share – with ANYONE. Comey could face up to ten years in prison. On top of that, Comey signed a non-disclosure agreement regarding handling of government information. Comey faces serious legal trouble should the Department of Justice decide to indict him. And they should.

Americans who watched the testimony got to see just how vast the Washington swamp is.

So, President Trump, it’s time to drain the swamp of James Comey. When you finish there, fire all Obama administration holdovers and put people in the White House with you that you can trust. It won’t be easy, but we know you can do it. That’s what we elected you to do!

Make American great again – get rid of this corruption in DC! And I hope you use those tapes!


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