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SURPRISED? What Kaepernick was Just Found Doing Might Have Sealed His NFL Fate for Good…


SURPRISED? What Kaepernick was Just Found Doing Might Have Sealed His NFL Fate for Good…

For one, I am not surprised.

Former NFL nuisance and mediocre athlete (can’t argue with statistics) Colin Kaepernick might just have put the last nail in his own coffin concerning his chances of ever playing professional football again.

On Thursday, reports surfaced stating that Kaepernick has now donated to multiple social justice activist organizations that fund anti-Trump protests.

Among the organizations receiving money from Kaepernick?

He donated $25,000 to the DREAM Act.

Kaepernick has removed any doubt from where he stands and what his priorities are.

At a time when America is reeling from natural disasters in Florida and Texas, and at a time where thousands of fellow citizens need help from wherever they can get it, he donates six figures to the DREAM act and a handful of other organizations like it.

Any NFL team owner or staff member who might have considered that maybe, just maybe, Colin Kaepernick really wanted to just play football again can now rest easy.

They all made the right decision.

This individual is a political platform, an activist, and his priorities are NOT in football.

According to the Daily Wire:

On Thursday, it was reported that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the controversial activist who made headlines last year for sitting for the national anthem, thus tanking the NFL’s ratings and causing enough of an uproar for him to be booted out of the league, has decided to jump onto a new cause—protesting President Trump and funding DREAM act activists.

“Colin Kaepernick Foundation has donated to another $100,000 to DREAM, Coalition For The Homeless, War on Children, and United We Dream,” ESPN’s Adam Shefter stated.

Kaepernick’s website also stated that $25,000 would go to organizing illegal aliens who received DREAM act deferrals to go to Washington, D.C. to protest the rescinding of DACA.

The website stated, “10k for upcoming travel. Air, hotel, lodging, and ground transportation. United We Dream recently held event in Washington DC and sent 300 dreamers to lobby to keep DACA. This budget will pay for 75-100 attendees for a similar rally upcoming.”

TheBlaze states that United We Dream is considered the “largest immigrant youth-led organization in the world.”

Still wonder why this guy is considered polarizing?

Despite Kaepernick’s shameless controversies, from sitting for the anthem to wearing socksthat depicted police officers as pigs to holding a press conference while wearing a t-shirt depicting the Cuban genocidal Communist Che Guevera, his supporters still target the NFL since no team will sign him, even as teams sign quarterbacks that may have less talent. As the Daily Wire’s Wire’s Emily Zanotti reported, Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has vowed to boycott the NFL until Kaepernick is signed, and is asking others to do the same. King claims, “These white team owners cannot believe that Colin took a stance against injustice in America without their expressed permission and blessing…”

However, Kaepernick’s critics state the obvious—that no team wants to deal with the bad press and controversy that comes with having a player like that on their roster. And despite King’s active boycott of the NFL, many Americans boycotted the NFL last year because of Kaepernick himself and the fact that despite his actions, he was still employed. In fact, a CBS study showed that ratings went down last year because of Kaepernick’s protests. ESPN reported this as well.

So Shaun King may be waiting a while.

In short, it’s pretty obvious why Kaepernick is unemployed. It has nothing to do with his race. It’s because no one wants to deal with his anti-American antics and his slapping of millions of Americans and NFL fans in the face. Especially his slapping the face of the many great police officers throughout the country.

Good for the NFL, and good riddance to Kaepernick. And best of all, good for the great cops in our country that don’t have to watch him disrespect them for his own selfish antics and attention-seeking.

There is no room for this type of nonsense in the NFL.

The ratings have told the whole story. As players also continue to protest the National Anthem, and until they choose to use their platform wisely and show unity and respect, not much will change.

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As for Kaepernick, like I said earlier, I am not surprised. The guy is anti-American, and is losing. Good riddance.

Do you agree? What do you think of Colin Kaepernick and his decisions?

Let us know, and share this to expose the truth!


Source: Daily Wire


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