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New Study Finds Attempted Terror Attacks in Europe Every Nine Days!


New Study Finds Attempted Terror Attacks in Europe Every Nine Days!

A new alarming report has discovered a pattern in attempted terror attacks in Europe. These violent ventures happen every nine days on average and are perpetrated by mostly Islamic and Jihadist followers. Additional onslaughts have occurred in France, Belgium, Italy, the United Kingdom, etc.

This frightening trend has prompted security services to beef up their surveillance across the world. In Britain, there are currently 3,500 potential terrorist suspects and potentially dangerous persons being watched. Belgium law enforcement officials are also tracking 18,000 probable Jihadists.

The constant attacks happening in the world signify a bigger issue. It appears as though Islamists and Jihadists are becoming more and more empowered. Why is this happening and how do we halt it?

An additional 14 terror attacks have taken place in Turkey. Out of those, nine of the miscreants were arrested with the remaining either dead or apprehended. A sincere thank you goes out to all of the brave and noble police officers across the world.

Following the carnage, many Americans have suggested that political elitists who promote their own agendas are to blame. Open borders and political correctness have proven themselves to be dastardly ways of governing every time. They must come to a swift end. Political leaders must wake up, otherwise innocent people will continue to lose their lives.

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Please share this new update with your friends and family on social media. Join in and help raise awareness on this critical issue. Leave your thoughts about this new report in the comments section below.


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