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SHOCKING VIDEO Reveals Muslim Boy “Playing” with Local Girl, Terror Ensues when Recording Zooms In


SHOCKING VIDEO Reveals Muslim Boy “Playing” with Local Girl, Terror Ensues when Recording Zooms In

Can anyone BELIEVE this?!

These animals teach their babies to RAPE. This is the sickening way these Muslims live to rape and kill. I’m sorry but we need to get rid of them. There is no place in a free, civilized society for animals like them.

According to Mad World News:

When a man uploaded footage of a very young “migrant child” and a small white girl behind a secluded building, his friends immediately began laughing at the pair. However, as soon as onlookers watched the clip, they noticed the horrifying detail that the viewers found sickeningly amusing.

The left has assured us that if we just open our borders and hearts to Muslim migrants, we will be culturally enriched by their societal contributions. Unfortunately, the only harvest we’re reaping by doing this is rising violence and oppression. While common sense tells us that inviting in millions from an ideology that subjugates women and minorities would produce more of just that, sometimes it takes seeing the rotten fruits of our complacency to awaken us.

In perhaps one of the most disturbing clips we’ve ever witnessed, a Muslim uploaded a short Snapchat video to Twitter, causing an uproar on social media. The video allegedly captures 2 children, both around the age of 7, struggling alone in the grass against a building complex. The boy, whom some are claiming is an African migrant child, is seen forcing himself upon a white girl in an unknown French district.

The boy presses his body against the girl while his hands move to his waist as if he is trying to undo his pants. When the girl attempts to move out from under the boy, he places his hands at her throat and pushes her back to the ground before moving his hands back to his groin area.

Watch the vile video (WARNING: Disturbing content):

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The disgusting recorders thought this was funny, and even included the caption, “the 2010 kids are crazy,” loosely translated from the original French language.

They need to be removed from our shores. They need to leave under their own accord or we remove them under duress. alive, unconscious, or deceased I do not care. Get rid of them!!!

This is so wrong in many ways. Two 7-year-olds?? First of all, what do they know about sex and second of all, the boy had to learn it from somewhere. Why do some people want migrants here? Do they also want Islamic people here so they can degrade women and minorities?

Enough is enough!

This boy was taught to degrade females at an early age. So sad. The enemy is working. Why can’t children be children? I hope the white girl eventually socked him in the face. Also, spectators nearby videotaping and laughing??? Why didn’t they stop this? This is their version of humanity for you.

The Muslims teach their children as soon as they can talk to live like barbarians. So this is how they grow up. If they study the Quran, they are told to lie to and murder those who are not Muslims. Those western countries that refuse to see this are only fooling themselves and will suffer the consequences.


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