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NOT SURPRISED: Weinstein Protégé Ben Affleck Accused of Groping Hollywood Actress in Latest Allegations of Sexual Assault


NOT SURPRISED: Weinstein Protégé Ben Affleck Accused of Groping Hollywood Actress in Latest Allegations of Sexual Assault

Hollywood is just Grope City, isn’t it?

Maybe they should consider renaming it. That would be much more appropriate. Grope City, or Sexual Harassment Borough.

Ben Affleck, the Weinstein protégé who lied and defended Harvey Weinstein blindly, is now himself the lasted alleged assaulter.

Both the Daily Mail and Breitbart have reported that Actress Hilarie Burton claims to have been groped by Affleck back in 2003 when she was only 21 years of age.

Good Lord.

These celebrities have no soul.

This is just outrageous, and if true, there needs to be a serious discussion about morals and conduct in Hollywood.

According to Breitbart:

Hollywood’s greatest fear is now coming true. The Daily Mail reports that Harvey Weinstein protégé Ben Affleck is facing the accusation that he groped actress Hilarie Burton in 2003 when she was just 21 years-old.

This is Hollywood’s greatest fear realized, the fear that the floodgates against others will open up and every alleged harasser will be dragged kicking and screaming into the sunlight. Affleck is a major player; an Oscar-winning director and Warner Brothers’ Batman, a hugely expensive franchise. He is also a high-profile Democrats, just like Harvey.

This is already the biggest scandal in Hollywood’s long, sordid history, Second place is not even close. But if even more women are now encouraged to come forward against other big names, the entire industry could be damaged beyond comprehension.

The same is true for the multinational corporations who employed these alleged harassers, the Walt Disney Company, for instance. Major corporate liability is definitely on the table.

Daily Mail:

Hilarie Burton claims she was groped by Ben Affleck during his appearance on TRL in 2003.

The former host of the show made the shocking allegations on Tuesday night, just hours after Affleck made a statement condemning Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abusive actions in his sexual assault and harassment scandal.

In it he said he was ‘saddened and angry’ over the ‘sickening’ claims.

Affleck’s statement was quickly slammed by a number of people – including Rose McGowan who called Affleck a liar.

When a fan tweeted that Affleck might as well have ‘kept quiet,’ another Twitter user wrote: ‘He also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.’

The One Tree Hill Star then surprised the Twitter thread by interjecting with: ‘I didn’t forget.’

Actress Rose McGowan is also publicly attacking Affleck as a liar over his statement Tuesday where he appeared to claim that Weinstein’s behavior was something he was unaware of until now.

Here is the tweet from Rose McGowan:

Wow. Just wow.

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Hollywood is a cesspool of entitled elites with no morals, lobbying the left to push an anti-American agenda that keeps them sheltered and protected and able to commit these atrocities. Thank Goodness we still have some who are willing to come forward and face the mob head on.

The truth needs to be brought to light. Enough is enough.

The morally corrupt Hollywood liberals are eating each other. They have begun to turn on each other.

The leftist meltdown continues.

This is more winning!!

They are not morally corrupt, now that I think about it. They are morally bankrupt.

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Source: Breitbart


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