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SHAMELESS: Hillary Relentlessly Promotes New Book, Virtually Ignores Harvey While Texas Hurts…


SHAMELESS: Hillary Relentlessly Promotes New Book, Virtually Ignores Harvey While Texas Hurts…

We made the right choice, America.

Hillary Clinton is out and about shamelessly promoting her newly-released book, “What Happened,” while the victims of Hurricane Harvey have been hurting and suffering for days.

Even some liberal-leaning celebrities have stepped up to help those in need in the ravaged areas of Eastern Texas, but Hillary’s own actions speak louder than words. We can see where her priorities are.

Thank Goodness we didn’t elect another loon into office, someone that would snub their nose at Americans in need and enjoy the luxuries of the most elite office in the land.

We elected a real president who was there for the people of Texas and Louisiana when they needed him.

Hillary only cares about money.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

Failed Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton shamelessly promoted her new book ‘What Happened’ while people are suffering and dying in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey; she showed nearly no emotion over the tragic flooding.

Hillary Clinton retweeted Simon & Schuster promoting her book tour which has been at the top of her Twitter account for 2 days now.

Hillary Clinton sent out a half-hearted tweet (most likely from a staffer) linking to HuffPo on how to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims.

The media relentlessly attacked President Trump for sending out a tweet about his upcoming trip to Missouri, mentioning he won the state by a large margin in the 2016 Presidential election.

Of course the media ignored his 30+ other tweets supporting Texans while he monitored the storm. Trump also visited Texas on Tuesday to uplift suffering Americans while he toured the hurricane damage. Liberals also criticized him for ‘visiting too soon’. Unbelievable!

To put this in perspective, Hillary Clinton showed more outrage over Trump’s military transgender ban.

Hillary also showed more emotion after the Chalottesville violence by going on a tweetstorm, slamming white supremacists and repeatedly calling for social justice.

Hillary’s lack of interest in helping victims of Hurricane Harvey while shamelessly promoting another book is more proof that she doesn’t care about Americans. She only cares about making money or pushing Marxist narratives for political expediency.

It also exposes media bias as they gave Hillary a pass.

Trump supporters slammed Hillary Clinton.

We see where her priorities are. Where they always have been.

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She chooses to promote herself and her book (which probably won’t sell as much as expected) while Americans are in a time of great need. What a failure.

I’m saddened and angered by this, but it is what we have come to expect from the liberal left. Obama golfed his way through Sandy, and Hillary will promote herself through Harvey.

This is not American leadership. This is a selfish ego at work.

Share if you agree, and let us know what you think of this shameless act.


Source: Gateway Pundit


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