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Seattle’s Gun Violence spikes While Seattle Lawmakers Refuse To Respond!

Seattle's Gun Violence spikes While Seattle Lawmakers Refuse To Respond!


Seattle’s Gun Violence spikes While Seattle Lawmakers Refuse To Respond!

Seattle Lawmaker’s refuse to respond to failing gun law!

Seattle lawmaker’s implemented a tax on firearms that did absolutely no good. The only thing it appeared to do is hurt small businesses. The tax began in 2016 and promised to prevent gun violence. Instead, shots fired are up 26%, shootings with injuries are up 54% and homicides are up ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Seems a bit like a failure.

Needless to say, this policy is a failure and is nothing short of an attack on conservatives. And, the Second Amendment. Liberal lawmakers refuse to admit that when a city is disarmed, it leaves them with armed criminals. And, a city filled with victims. When you look at cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, it is fair to say that tough gun laws only affect law abiding citizens.

In an article written by the Seattle Times, they stated,

Seattle’s tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition raised less than $200,000 during its first year, according to Seattle City Councilmember Tim Burgess.

The city had previously kept the revenue information confidential to protect taxpayers’ privacy, as reported in a recent Seattle Times story.

In an email sent to The Times Tuesday, Burgess wrote:

“City and state laws prohibit the city from releasing specific tax information when such information is likely to identify specific taxpayers. In this context, we can report that there were approximately 15 potential firearm and ammunition taxpayers in the city for 2016. During its first year, the firearms and ammunition tax payments received by the City were less than $200,000.”

The city is using the tax to support gun-violence research at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. But the city isn’t spending the money until a 2015 lawsuit challenging the tax is resolved.

Burgess spearheaded the tax, which was adopted by the council in 2015 and took effect Jan. 1, 2016.

When Burgess proposed the tax, he said the city’s budget office had estimated it would raise $300,000 to $500,000 a year.

Though the money from the tax isn’t being used, the research it’s intended to pay for is moving ahead, with $275,000 that the council allocated for 2016 and 2017 coming out of the city’s general fund.

In other words Seattle Lawmaker’s are FAILING!

They thought adding a tax on legal firearm owners would somehow reduce the number of firearm related crimes. But, it did the opposite. It increased crime while affecting businesses in the process. There have been a combination of lay offs and crime spikes. But, still no lawmaker’s admitting that the law they introduced was crap. Statistics have proven countless times that firearm laws only affect people who obey the law.


Will Seattle Lawmaker’s scrap this failed policy?

Liberal lawmakers seem to be a constant thorn at the side of Conservative failures. But, they’re so busy making sure we fail, they don’t seem to have time to answer to their own failures. Liberal lawmaker’s are the picture of hypocrisy. They don’t care about doing what’s right, so long as they attack the liberties of citizens who obey the law. This has become less about protecting citizens and more about stripping men and women of their right to defend themselves.

If I was a citizen of Seattle I would demand this ludicrous attack on the Second Amendment ended. This is not acceptable. The way to attack crime is not by preventing law abiding citizens the ability to purchase their firearms. Imposing an unreasonable tax is not a reasonable way to combat crime. This tax has only affected citizens who obey the law. It has only affected businesses who employ multiple employees. And, most of all it has been an attack on Conservatives.


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