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Sandy Hook Parents Write Letter to NBC Requesting They Not Air Megyn Kelly’s Segment with Alex Jones


Sandy Hook Parents Write Letter to NBC Requesting They Not Air Megyn Kelly’s Segment with Alex Jones

How low can NBC go?

Conspiracy theorist and creator of Alex Jones has an upcoming segment with Megyn Kelly on the liberal NBC network. The parents of the children of the Sandy Hook School massacre do not like it one bit, and have written a joint letter demanding they not air the interview.

This is the guy who claims that the massacre was a hoax, and that these grieving parents who had their children stripped from them are actors.


According to The Daily Wire:

Several families whose children were killed in the Sandy Hook massacre have asked that NBC not air Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Jones, the creator of, claims the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, and that the family members shown crying for their children were actors.

For a greater perspective, Jones also believes the American government was in on 9/11, that the Oklahoma City and Boston Bombings were false flag operations, that Obama is the “global head of Al-Qaeda,” and that the government is using chemicals to “encourag[e] homosexuality” in children.

The letter, sent from the office of Koskoff, Koskoff, and Bieder, states in part:

“Airing Ms. Kelly’s interview implicitly endorses the endorses that Mr. Jones’ lies are actually ‘claims’ that are worthy of serious debate; and in doing so, it exponentially enhances the suffering and distress of our clients. For that NBC is responsible.

We urge you to consider the ethical and legal ramifications of broadcasting this interview to millions of Americans…”

The letter goes into detail about the suffering of the parents of the Sandy Hook victims, then adds:

“Which is why we cannot fathom — from a moral, ethical or legal standpoint — NBC’s decision to amplify the voice of a man who has made a living debasing that suffering and smearing our clients’ names.

Over the last few years, Alex Jones has weaponized his radio show to publish false and defamatory statements about our clients: chief among them that they are actors perpetrating a massive fraud on the American public by faking the deaths of their loved ones…

This decision may be driven by the simple urge to gain an edge in a well-publicized ratings war; but it has devastating human consequences as well.”

Without having experienced something similar, it’s impossible to imagine the excruciating pain felt on a daily basis by the parents of the Sandy Hook massacre. With as much deference as can be given to the grieving families, I would argue that Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones is actually a very important one.

He’s a total nut job but so is Glenn Greenwald. Why call out one and not all of them? Most of the taking heads in boxes on NBC and all the other leftist networks are lunatics, liars, and paid traitors.

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Leave these poor parents to grieve in peace.

Enough is enough.

Source: The Daily Wire


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