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San Francisco to Pay $190,000 to Illegal Immigrant in Shock Law Suit!

Illegal Migrant


San Francisco to Pay $190,000 to Illegal Immigrant in Shock Law Suit!

Figueroa-Zarceno is set to receive $190,000 of taxpayer money for having his”rights violated” by the City of San Fransisco. The native El Salvadoran was arrested for being an illegal migrant…this was apparently the violation of rights. The thing is, he is an illegal migrant, it just so happens that San Francisco in its wisdom has decided that this no longer constitutes an illegal act.

He was taken into custody by ICE agents as he went to the police station to get back his stolen car. The basis of the case is that SF does not allow cooperation with ICE, and therefore his rights were violated.

Is it any wonder that San Francisco is facing financial difficulties? Just this week a bill passed in the House to withdraw funds from places that do not cooperate with Federal Immigration law, and all Sanctuary Cities are rightly nervous.

What is worth remembering about this case is that Figueroa-Zarceno speaks no English. The case was brought through translators…did Figueroa-Zarceno come up with this lawsuit himself? Or was he tracked down and told by lawyers representing Leftist Pressure groups that they could get him money? These groups are funded by Democrats and Globalists and seek to undermine the institutions of the US…and they use your money to do it.


As reported in The Blaze:

San Francisco will likely pay $190,000 in a lawsuit settlement with an illegal immigrant who said he was reported to federal immigration officials despite the city’s sanctuary city policy, according to KPIX-TV.

KPIX reported that on December 2, 2015, Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno went to a police station to recover his stolen car. As he left the station, he was detained by police and taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

After a two-month detention, Figueroa-Zarceno, a native of El Salvador, sued the city of San Francisco, arguing that his arrest violated the city’s sanctuary policy, which limits the ability of local law enforcement to coordinate with federal immigration authorities.

Sanctuary Cities are bad for the legal residents. Criminals receive shorter sentences, criminals are not deported, and the cities pay millions to fund illegals at the expense of other public services.

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The even larger issue though is the legal ramifications. The US belongs to the American people. If someone trespasses on that land, it should be a crime. What’s to stop people trespassing wherever they like? The rule must surely be the same? if you don’t respect private property, then you have no right to private property yourself.

If you think this guy should not get a single penny, share this article and let everyone know what’s happening with your tax dollars!


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