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RADICALS? Everyone’s Talking About Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock, but Who is His Girlfriend?


RADICALS? Everyone’s Talking About Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock, but Who is His Girlfriend?

Let me begin by saying the tragedy in Vegas was despicable and heartbreaking.

Murderer and domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock just carried out the deadliest mass shooting on American soil.

He killed himself as police closed in on his Mandalay Bay hotel room, so many of his secrets dies with him.

But, while everyone is focused on the shooter and his motive, not many are even mentioning his girlfriend Marilou Danley, who shared a residence with him in the Nevada city of Mesquite.

Who is Marilou Danley?

Marilou Danley is an Australian of Indonesian origin. She and the murderer were both married at the time of their relationship. Stephen, we now know, was going through a divorce and did not live with his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Marilou is a completely different story.

It is said she was in Australia, and has had contact with authorities since the incident.

But the Melbourne (Australia) chapter of Antifa posted this now-deleted update:


Also, she is still married to one Geary Danely, who is a known radical leftist sympathizer.

Recently, Paddock’s now-deleted Facebook page was littered with the hashtags #notmypresident #fuck45 and #hatetheorange.

Also recently, Marilou’s social media accounts have vanished.

To me, the motive is becoming clear, and the dots are connecting. This shooter was emotionally weak, getting older, and was preyed on by radical leftists. He was radicalized by his girlfriend, who is very suspiciously out of the country and “back home,” where radical posts like the one above are emerging. As soon as these hashtags and other connections were uncovered, all social media traces of both individuals were deleted.

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You be the judge.

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