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RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR: Green Berets Ambushed by Radicals in Niger, Three Killed


RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR: Green Berets Ambushed by Radicals in Niger, Three Killed

Islamic terror has taken the lives of good Americans once again.

Three Green Berets were killed and two other members of their US Army Special Forces group were injured in an ambush in the volatile African nation of Niger.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (an Al Qaeda affiliate) is responsible for the ambush.

Radical Islamic terrorists will not rest until the West is under Islamic rule.

These brave soldiers in one of the most elite groups of warriors lost their lives at the hands of savages that spread death, destruction and chaos everywhere they go.

And we have entitled brats here that kneel for the National Anthem because they feel oppressed.

Go fight in a war and see how people live.

According to Fox News:

Three U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were killed and two others were wounded Wednesday in an ambush in the west African country of Niger.

U.S. Africa Command confirmed that a joint patrol of Green Berets and Nigerien soliders was attacked in the southwestern part of Niger, near the border with Mali. Officials told Fox News that between eight and 10 troops were part of the patrol.

Officials told the Associated Press that the commandos were likely attacked by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The officials added that the two wounded U.S. soldiers were taken to Niamey, the capital, and are in stable condition.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Trump had been briefed on the ambush by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Africa Command says the U.S. forces are in Niger to provide training and security assistance to the Nigerien Armed Forces in their efforts against violent extremists.

The landlocked country, a former French colony, is one of the poorest nations in the world.

Since the rest of the world, including France and other Western European nations, have decided to bow down to political correctness and become incapable of defending themselves, we are the only Western power left to pick up the pieces and attempt to preserve peace and a chance at freedom in places like Niger.

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And this is what radical Islam does. It spreads evil and death.

We must play a supporting role in every region that our allies have interests in, because our allies have become spineless beings incapable of supporting themselves.

Sound familiar?

I’ll bet Obama and Hillary would say “nothing to see here,” and attempt to convince the public that everything that happens in North Africa is caused by a video.

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Source: Fox News


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