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RADICAL: Domestic Terror Group Claims Responsibility for Fenway Racism Banner


RADICAL: Domestic Terror Group Claims Responsibility for Fenway Racism Banner

Guess who, in ISIS-like fashion, is claiming responsibility for last night’s disgusting display of division on the walls of one of the nation’s oldest ball parks?

You guessed it.


The only racism these days seems to be spewed out of the mouths of the left. We see how ESPN tolerates leftist racism, by not firing Jemele Hill for calling our President a white supremacist. They were quick to fire Curt Schilling for much less, but oh no, not racist Jemele. She stays.

The same is going on in our streets with leftist domestic hate and terror group Antifa.

Boston Antifa claims that the controversial ESPN anchor and her tweets inspired them to take divisive politics to a baseball game.

This is the progress progressives preach about. We are progressing back to the stone age.

What an ignorant bunch of human waste.

Thanks, Obama.

According to Breitbart:

We may or may not, but definitely are, fast approaching a point, where the vast majority of the world’s ills can be traced back to ESPN.

On Wednesday night, a banner reading, “Racism is as American as Baseball,” was unfurled over the Green Monster at Fenway Park. This occurred during an actual game that featured the Red Sox and the Oakland A’s.

 While the Red Sox called those who pulled off the stunt, “fans,” on Thursday, we unsurprisingly learned that the culprits were not simply fans. Instead, they were members of Boston Antifa, who proudly claimed responsibility for the act on their twitter page.

 Again, none of that is the least bit surprising. However, a close read of their statement reveals a rich little detail, considering all the controversy currently surrounding ESPN. Boston Antifa claims that an ESPN writer inspired them to perform this act. The above statement reads, “We were largely inspired by Howard Bryant who now writes for ESPN. His article ‘Don’t expect protests in baseball–it’s a white man’s game by design’ was inspirational.””

There aren’t enough, “I told you so’s” in the “I told you so” factory, to do justice to this revelation. While ESPN has been running themselves in circles trying to shoot down the idea that they are what they are, a leftist cable-network with highlight reels. In addition to engaging in rank hypocrisy in how they treat their liberal host’s versus their conservative hosts.

Here we have confirmation from the mouths of the heathen rank-and-file themselves, that the words of ESPN writers aren’t just in-league with their views, but the words of ESPN writers inform and inspire their actions.

Let that sink in.

I think it is time to boycott ESPN, period.

They are the prime platform for leftist thought these days, and this piece from Breitbart makes a great point.

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The left is using the platforms that Americans resort to in order to get AWAY from politics as the very weapon against them.

Moreover, it is now a matter of public record that domestic terrorist ANTIFA groups are infiltrating sports games.

Why go there, and place yourself, as well as your family at risk of harm, disability, or even death? The reality is, it’s just not worth it.

This is shades of ISIS activity, folks. Things start small, but quickly escalate and get really dangerous if they are not stopped dead in their tracks.

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Source: Breitbart


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