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Was President Trump Really Banned From Chicago, Illinois?


Was President Trump Really Banned From Chicago, Illinois?

The reactions to President Trump’s revocation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) have been nothing short of asinine. Deranged liberals have engaged in name-calling, riots, and social media meltdowns, but the latest display of insanity takes the cake. As reported by Fox News Insider, Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced his decision to essentially ‘ban’ President Trump from the city of Chicago, due to his stance on DACA.

Emanuel’s exact statements are as follows:

“This is your home and you have nothing to worry about. Our schools, our neighborhoods, our city – as it relates to what President Trump said – will be a Trump-Free Zone. You will always be Dreamers in the eyes of the city of Chicago, because you have big dreams and we want to be a part of those dreams.”

Exactly who does Mayor Emanuel think he is?! If Emanuel thinks he has the jurisdiction to ban the President of the United States from entering the city of Chicago, he is utterly out of his mind. Presidential power trumps mayoral declarations. President Trump revoked DACA and those under it will have to leave the country after the allotted six months. Likewise, if the President wants to enter the city of Chicago, he’s going to enter the city of Chicago. Emanuel cannot stop him. The President owns property in Chicago. Emanuel’s aforementioned declaration simply serves as further proof of liberals’ stagnant grasp on sanity.

Americans took to social media and expressed their thoughts on Mayor Emanuel’s so called ban:

Many conservatives have received flak for the infamous “liberalism is a mental disorder” phrase, but people like Emanuel actually do give validity to the saying. The Chicago Mayor can throw as many hissy fits as he pleases, but at the end of the day, he has to follow the law of the land. The allowance for illegal immigrants in America is officially on a six month time limit. They came into this country unlawfully and they will have to leave.

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The mere declaration of Chicago being a “Trump-free zone” is utterly demented and simply highlights how out-of-touch liberals have become. It’s a truly unfortunate situation, but the facts remain. No matter how much Rahm Emanuel detests President Trump, if the latter wants to enter Chicago, he can do so at any time.

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