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PC PEER PRESSURE: Tom Brady Releases Statement Criticizing President Trump


PC PEER PRESSURE: Tom Brady Releases Statement Criticizing President Trump

Tom Brady is the new face of political correctness.

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Quarterback and longtime pal of President Trump, has apparently succumbed to celebrity peer pressure.

I am not surprised. He is surrounded by entitled leftist brats.

It is disappointing that someone who has remained graceful this entire time had to come out and say something stupid like this. But it never fails in celebrity utopia-land.

This morning, while conducting an interview on WEEI sports radio, Brady came out against President Trump when asked was asked to comment about the NFL protests and his view on what the President said earlier last week.

Mr. Brady, the protesters are flat out wrong.

Here is an article that better explains how invalid their argument actually is.

The point is, Mr. Brady, that if you disrespect the flag, hate the people and dislike the country, you and other airheads are free to leave.

It is really that simple.

According to Fox Business:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady broke with his longtime friend Donald Trump on Monday, criticizing the president for his “divisive” comments about national anthem protests by NFL players.

“Yeah, I certainly disagree with what he said. I thought it was just divisive,” Brady said Monday morning during a radio interview with WEEI in Boston. “Like I said, I just want to support my teammates.”

Trump drew widespread scorn this weekend after he repeatedly criticized NFL players, including free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who have conducted protests during the pregame playing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” The president accused players who kneel during the national anthem of “total disrespect,” stating that any player who protests in such a fashion is a “son of a [expletive].”

NFL players and teams roundly opposed Trump’s comments on Sunday. Dozens of players conducted protests in response and nearly all of the league’s 32 teams issued statements condemning Trump for being divisive.

“I do believe in what I believe in. I believe in bringing people together and respect and love and trust. Those are the values that my parents instilled in me. That is how I try and live every day,” Brady added.

Not only is the argument completely wrong and invalid, but Brady did not have to oppose Trump simply to fit in and be cool.

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This is totally the opposite of cool, Brady.

The political correctness to appease teammates isn’t going to make anything better.

It just hurts your image.

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Source: Fox Business


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