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PATHETIC: Washed Up Singer Marc Anthony Attacks President Trump Over Puerto Rico Relief


PATHETIC: Washed Up Singer Marc Anthony Attacks President Trump Over Puerto Rico Relief

What a pathetic, irrelevant has-been this out-of-touch singer is, folks.

These Hollywood celebrities and other famous airheads on the left are doing nothing but stoking the fire to get attention, as they are washed up artists that are not good at what they do.

So, they use controversy to attempt to boost their ratings. And they are classless and pathetic.

In the latest failed attempt at bashing President Trump and pushing a lie, a false narrative, singer Marc Anthony tweeted a profanity-laced message to the President. In his tweet, he expressed his dissatisfaction at how our president is handling the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

You go and help then, Marc.


Thought so.

Not only is President Trump doing a fantastic job with the relief efforts both on the mainland and across the territories, this narrative is divisive and a complete lie.

According to the Daily Mail:

Marc Anthony has some scathing words for Donald Trump, pleading with the president to forget about football and focus instead on hurricane-hammered Puerto Rico.

Anthony tweeted on Monday night: “Mr. President shut the f— up about NFL. Do something about our people in need in #PuertoRico. We are American Citizens too.”

The 49-year-old singer was born in New York, but his parents are from Puerto Rico, which was hit hard by Hurricane Maria.

Trump did tweet about Puerto Rico later Monday night, but dwelled on the island’s “billions of dollars” of debt to “Wall Street and the banks.”

Anthony is one of many entertainers with Puerto Rican roots trying to summon support.

“Hamilton” star Lin-Manuel tweeted that he’s “texting every famous Puerto Rican singer I know and several I don’t.”

Celebrities are experts on absolutely everything these days, aren’t they?

More accurately, they are just ignorant blabbermouths and outspoken jackasses.

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President Trump’s plan is working to perfection: he is using his “methods of delivery” to expose and isolate the extremists and the crazies. Now we know what people really think, if they can think for themselves to begin with, and whom to avoid and marginalize.

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Source: The Daily Mail


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