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Oregon Governor Signs Law to Steal Guns From Citizens!!


Oregon Governor Signs Law to Steal Guns From Citizens!!

The people of Oregon are outraged and quite frankly, they have every right to be. On Wednesday, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill into law which permits the confiscation of guns based on as little as hearsay, and as reported by 2A News, gun owners are disallowed from an opportunity to state their case and protest this absurd mandate prior to confiscation.

The most unfortunate aspect of the approved Oregon Senate Bill 719 is the unbelievable amount of room it leaves for abuse. As noted by 2A News, Oregon judges are now allowed to file an “extreme risk protection order” for petty reasons such as getting a divorce, gun purchases, or even receiving training on how to use a gun.

To make matters even worse, anyone in Oregon can file a report to have someone’s guns confiscated. All they have to do is cite worry, discomfort, or fear. Police officers are also able to press for a citizen to lose ownership of their guns if they feel as though said person is a danger to themselves or others.

Quite frankly, Governor Brown did a huge disservice to the people of Oregon. Essentially, any person can lose the right to defend themselves and retaining ownership of confiscated guns is a very strenuous challenge. Learn more here:

In order for Oregonians to resume ownership of their guns after seizure, they will be forced to take their case to court and convince the panel [who are highly likely to oppose the second amendment] that an error was made and that they are, in fact, mentally stable enough to own guns. Many Americans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the aforementioned anti-gun bill signed into law on Wednesday:

Not only is the latest Oregon gun law a slap in the face to the 2nd Amendment, it breaches the 14th Amendment as well. The 14th Amendment mandates that American citizens be granted “due process” prior to the seizure of one’s property. What will be done? Will the Oregon law be repealed? Only time will tell.

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