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Obama Admin openly shared classified intelligence, and nobody cared


Obama Admin openly shared classified intelligence, and nobody cared

In another attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump’s presidency, the left has claimed that Trump put the nation’s security at risk while talking with, you guessed it, a Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The Washington Post reported that President Trump shared the name of the ISIS-controlled city in which important intelligence information came from, and by doing so, he put the lives of vital intelligence officers at risk.

It’s not surprising that President Trump’s political opponents are calling his discussion of intelligence gathering tactics an act of treason. The left leaning media is constantly coming up with new ways to tie the Trump to Russia. More importantly, H.R. McMaster, the U.S. National Security Advisor, said that Trump’s discussion of intelligence was, “wholly appropriate,” and that the conversation was nothing but the, “…routine sharing of information between the president and any leaders whom he’s engaged.”

Why is the left-leaning mainstream media so quick to criticize President Trump’s administration, but so quick to forgive Obama’s administration? It’s almost as if liberals forgot about that time Leon Panetta, Obama’s CIA director, confirmed the identity of Shakil Afridi. Afridi was a classified source that helped the CIA identify the location of Osama bin Laden. Did Panetta choose to reveal the identify of his classified source to high-ranking members of another government in a closed-door meeting? Of course not. Panetta exposed his source to the world on the CBS television show, 60 Minutes.

Where was the outrage from the media when Joe Biden put the lives of every Navy SEAL at risk by revealing that it was in fact, SEAL Team 6 who carried out the raid that killed Osama bin Laden? Members of the SEAL community were outraged by Biden’s comments, feeling as if he had painted a target on their backs. There was no outrage, but only silence. The Obama administration enjoyed eight years of nothing but support from the mainstream media. While on the other hand, the Trump administration has been forced to defend and fight off false accusations, after false accusations. Most of which have been proven to be flat out lies, or have lacked any factual evidence.


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The intelligence that Trump reportedly shared with the Russian government is nothing compared to what Panetta and Obama actually revealed to the world. The Obama administration shared intelligence and secrets that literally put the lives of our most elite warriors at risk, and also confirmed to an unfriendly government a top intelligence source on national television. Even if President Trump did reveal the city in which certain intelligence came from, the fact remains that the Obama administration shared much more dangerous information with the public, in a much more dangerous way.

What do you think about the new allegations against Trump? Do you think that he shared classified information with them? If so, why does the media refuse to question the Obama administration’s sharing of top secret intelligence? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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