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Marco Rubio Working With Known Terrorist On Deadly plan For America!


Marco Rubio Working With Known Terrorist On Deadly plan For America!

A bill has passed in the US Senate that will make speaking out against Islam, ad by association Shariah law a crime. Resolution .257 was drafted and pushed through with the help of Marco Rubio and was proposed and pre-drafted by a group known as EmgageUSA…The co-founder of which is presently on the terrorist watch list!

When an organization founded by a terrorist who hates the US writes a Bill that will affect US law, is it not worth asking if this bill is going to be detrimental to America? The motivations of terrorists are to do harm…So why would this bill NOT be designed to do harm? The fact that they had to engage a traitorous Senator to push it through is even worse.

Make no mistake: The crime of criticizing Islam IS SHARIAH LAW! It is not American law (until now), it is pure Shariah and it is designed to enable the Caliphate in the US. When we can no longer question something, it becomes a power unto itself, people are having their free speech ripped away from them and the Senate is doing nothing to stop it.

Do you know any other countries that have this exact same law? Most of those that Donald Trump has put on his “travel Ban” list, Saudi Arabia, and others. In fact, most countries that are Islamic have this law in some form.


As reported in Freedomdaily,

On April 4, 2017, the US Senate passed Senate Resolution 118, “Condemning hate crime and any other form of racism, religious or ethnic bias, discrimination, incitement to violence, or animus targeting a minority in the United States.” The resolution was drafted by a Muslim organization, EmgageUSA (formerly EmergeUSA) and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

Why the hell is Marco Rubio working with Muslim terrorists to persecute Americans who speak out against Islam?  EmgageUSA’s co-founder Khurrum Wahid is currently on a terror watch list for his extensive work with Al Qaeda, and as a lawyer, Wahid defended Omar Ahmed Abu Ali, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush!

What’s chilling is that THISBILL HAS PASSED THE SENATE and has now gone on to the House, where almost the exact same verbiage was introduced as H.Res. 257. If passed, this law will create an “inter-agency task force” that will then go after people who speak out against Muslims, who are a “protected class.”

It is not just Marco Rubio who is the problem. Why did this vote pass? It is one of the most unAmerican pieces of legislation to ever be debated and our elected representatives have failed us.


Action is needed now by every single person who believes in the right to free speech. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or even a Green. We need all people who value the rights of the individual to step forward and demand that this bill is squashed. Where are the marches? Where are the protests? This is a very bad time for America, the traitors in Senate need to step down and people who represent America’s best interests ned to be elected.

If you think it is wrong that Sharia Law is now in the US, Share this post with your friends and colleagues to let them know what’s happening.


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