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LIBERAL UTOPIA: Illegal Alien Deported Multiple Times “Upset with Women,” Runs Them Over

Illegal Alien Deported Multiple Times


LIBERAL UTOPIA: Illegal Alien Deported Multiple Times “Upset with Women,” Runs Them Over

This is what you get when you elect liberals into office. Globalism does not work.

A repeat offender who has been deported back to Mexico multiple times, but kept getting back in thanks to Obama’s globalist and open-border agenda, has run over three women, simply because he was “upset with women in general.”

These are the people the Democrats are inviting in to secure votes.

According to Breitbart:

A repeatedly deported criminal alien from Mexico allegedly ran down three women with his car because he was “upset with women in general.”

Police in the border town of Laredo, Texas, arrested 24-year-old Lorenzo Alonso Romero on May 28 for allegedly running down three women with his car, the Laredo Morning-Times reported. Despite the date of the attacks, police are just now releasing Romero’s motivation behind the assaults.

“Lorenzo indicated that he was upset over the fact that approximately two years ago, his neighbor had filed a report against him, in which he was arrested for an aggravated assault, claiming the allegations to have been false,” the criminal complaint stated.

The document explains that Romero wanted to retaliate against the woman who filed the report, but also took out his frustrations on other women as well.

On May 27, Romero reportedly struck three women with a 2001 black Oldsmobile Aurora he borrowed from his place of work.

One of the women said she saw the car accelerate in her direction while she crossed the street. Two hours later, Romero reportedly struck another jogging near a school. He struck that woman from behind and then intentionally backed his car over her again, the complaint states.

A third woman reportedly noticed a black car following her. She told police the vehicle struck her from behind.

All three women had to be treated at local hospitals for their injuries.

Investigators found enough evidence from area surveillance cameras to eventually locate and arrest Romero.

After he told police he was angry about the woman who reported him previously, they asked why he was still upset. “He stated he was just upset with women in general and was taking out his frustration on random women he would encounter,” the complaint detailed.

Police said he admitted to striking the three women with the car he borrowed.

I’m still waiting for all the liberal fake feminists to step up and denounce this illegal immigrant’s “hate crimes” against these women. But I’m not holding my breath at all. This does not fit their anti-American agenda.

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This is what happens when you let 3rd world countries push their 2nd grade mentality onto us and our country, with open-border policies allowing anyone and everyone in at any time, and continuously do nothing about it. Now we elect someone who actually wants to act, but gets attacked by liberals at every turn for acting “anti-American” while the real anti-Americans are the ones who don’t want a border wall built for no matter what reason.

It was complete lunacy to deport people, and then have a “catch & release” policy when they walked back over the border. Thank you Donald Trump for instituting common sense law & order again – even if the lawless Democrats continue to lose their minds over it.

But, but…if we were more inclusive and understanding of this poor man’s plight for opportunities, this would never have happened. His sensitivities are the most important concern right now. Gotta go now. Pee Wee’s Playhouse starts in five minutes.

Stop electing liberals.


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