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LIBERAL LOGIC: Stanford Professor Claims ‘Right to Carry’ Leads to Rise in Violent Crime

Stanford Professor Claims ‘Right to Carry’ Leads to Rise in Violent Crime


LIBERAL LOGIC: Stanford Professor Claims ‘Right to Carry’ Leads to Rise in Violent Crime

Another liberal professor who claims to know everything is coming out and stating that allowing law-abiding citizens to own guns increases violent crime in America’s streets.

Um, no.

The ‘Right to Carry’ does NOT at all increase the rates of violent crimes in any way, shape or form.

Areas that endorse gun ownership largely have much lower crime rates than those that don’t. Plano, Texas, for instance, has one of the highest rates of gun ownership and one of the lowest national crime rates. Go figure. On the flipside, Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country, but guns are illegal.

According to Breitbart:

Stanford professor John Donahue and his researchers claim states with “right to carry” (RTC) laws for concealed carry permit issuance experience higher rates of violent crime.

In other words, Donahue is saying that states which issue a permit when the concealed applicant has no criminal history are experiencing higher levels of violent crime.

Newsweek reported, “[Donahue’s team] estimates that the adoption of RTC laws substantially elevates violent crime rates (excluding murder rates), but seems to have no impact on property crime.”

The researchers claim, “States that adopted RTC laws have experienced an average 13 percent to 15 percent increase in violent crime in the 10 years after enacting those laws.”

Stop and consider the gist of what Donahue and his researchers are suggesting—that states which adopted a RTC posture for concealed carry applicants with no criminal record are seeing more crime because those without criminal records can carry. Does this make sense?  And it should be noted that RTC—or “shall issue”—does not include issuing to criminals. Rather, such a posture obligates the states to issue when there is no criminal record.

Yet Donahue and his researchers suggest RTC elevates violent crime.

This is nothing but another tenured loon who is in fact intellectually bankrupt, secure with the income and benefits many wouldn’t dream of, and this is cherry-picked research at its best.

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I guess a Stanford diploma just depreciated a little bit more.

Did any of the “geniuses” in class ask him to explain why there is so much violent crime in Chicago if this is true, and why crime decreased in Detroit when a new Police Chief came to Detroit and encouraged law abiding citizens to arm themselves?

They would probably have gotten crickets from this liberal robot.

What’s next, teaching women who are sexually assaulted not to fight back and to submit peacefully, as they do in Islamic-ruled, Sharia-ruled areas?

Another fine example of the sheer quality of education you can expect from these “prestigious” universities where you will dump 10s of thousands of dollars to hear people like this guy talk about nothing-burgers like this.

Kindly share this if you agree that liberals are hypocrites and that they cherry-pick their “facts” to push their destructive agendas.


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