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LIBERAL FASCISM: The Rise of the Fascist Democrats, and What Needs to Be Done to Preserve America


LIBERAL FASCISM: The Rise of the Fascist Democrats, and What Needs to Be Done to Preserve America

The liberal agenda has always been anti-American in nature.

As opposed to agendas of other parties, where ideas and debate seem to ultimately take center stage, liberals have devolved into the party of labels.

While conservatives remain true to their principles, even when it divides them on some key issues, Democrats have learned to speak in one voice, a single chorus of talking heads and useful idiots.

Their aim: make everyone aware of their labels: race, age, gender, ethnicity. Keep the public occupied with everything that divides them as people, as opposed to what unites them as Americans. Divide and create weakness through chaos. Then take over.

They want to centralize and control every aspect of American life. Take, for example, healthcare. Their goal is to completely centralize and control the healthcare system, thereby controlling the lives and the health of the American public.

The EPA under Obama took away private land and seized private property.

The left has allowed and enabled illegal immigration through their globalist (anti-American) agenda, thereby changing demographics in cities and states to those who are against American ideals and in support of the liberal agenda, in an attempt to secure an indefinite voter base and ultimately tip the scale of power forever in their favor. You know, illegals, criminals, and thugs. That is the majority of their loyal voter base. Tells you a lot.

Then, there is the political correctness, and the PCP (PC Police, aka the liberal media). The media and liberal university administrations are aggressively stifling individualism and free speech in an attempt to control what people can and cannot say. This will allow them to control the discussion. Shame those who disagree.

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The liberal media receives the talking points from the Soros-linked groups and activists, and sings them to the public in one voice.

They have allowed abortion to undermine the sanctity and vitality of human life.

They have taken control of the education system to mold conformists and liberal zombies by controlling the vulnerable and innocent minds of our nation’s children.

They are attempting to strip the pledge and the anthem recitals from schools and all public events to stop patriotism and unity as Americans.

They delegitimize the police and other law enforcement agencies, which will aid in the formation of a national police state if the sheeple (liberal airheads) buy in.

Now, they are trying to take away our Second Amendment, which protects all the other Amendments, and protects the public against Government tyranny. This will make Americans both defenseless and helpless.

This must stop if our country is to go on.

There is a new wave of fascist Democrats that have one goal: to take over America and make it a socialist, then a communist, globalist state.

We cannot let them win.

Enough is enough.

Vote the Democrats out in the midterms, before it is too late.

You can’t fix stupid, but you certainly can vote it out of office.

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