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LIARS! Report: 86 Percent of Muslim ‘Minors’ Coming into Sweden as ‘Refugees’ Are Really ADULTS

86 Percent of Muslim ‘Minors’ Coming into Sweden as ‘Refugees’ Are Really ADULTS


LIARS! Report: 86 Percent of Muslim ‘Minors’ Coming into Sweden as ‘Refugees’ Are Really ADULTS

We knew it all along, and liberals wouldn’t believe the truth.

Remember when the reports, and words from our President, that ‘undocumented’ means ‘dangerous’ were surfacing? Remember how liberals dismissed and outright attacked us for being logical?

Reports have just emerged out of Sweden, confirming that some 86 percent of Muslim migrants posing as underage refugees to get into the country are actually adults.

According to Breitbart:

The Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV) has released new figures that show a majority of cases of disputed “underage” migrants are actually adults.

The RMV released figures this week after medically testing 1,481 migrants to determine whether or not they had lied about being under the age of 18. Of the total number, it was revealed that 1,215, or 86 per cent, of the individuals tested were adults.

The testing took place over a three-month period between March and June of this year and involved an MRI of the knee joint and an x-ray of wisdom teeth. The results were then examined by doctors who determined whether the migrants were adults or children.

Of all the migrants tested, only 49, or 3.3 per cent, were female (33 of which were found to be over 18). The figures show the overwhelming number of migrants that claim to be underage are either boys or men.

Since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015, the Swedish government has been plagued with cases of asylum seekers who claim to be underage to receive both preferential treatment and a better chance of claiming asylum.

In some cases, migrants who later turned out to be adults have even carried out murders in Swedish asylum homes meant for children. The most publicised case was the stabbing to death of asylum worker Alexandra Mezher last year.

In November 2015, another migrant claiming to be a child stabbed and slashed a woman with a knife after she refused his sexual advances.

The murders shocked Sweden and led to the call for, and eventual implementation of, medical checks to ensure migrants were the age they claim.

Underage migrants in Sweden have also been involved in a number of sex attacks in Swedish schools and music festivals. Earlier this year, Swedish journalist Joakim Lamotte claimed sex abuse by migrants was widespread in Swedish public schools and both victims and teachers were afraid to address the subject because of political correctness.

In one case, an Ethiopian, who claimed to be 16-years-old, raped a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old whilst being fully aware that he was HIV positive. The Ethiopian refused to take antiretroviral drugs he was prescribed and did not wear a condom during the attacks which made the likelihood of him spreading HIV to others incredibly high.

Gang rapes, which are on the rise in Sweden, have also been revealed to be committed heavily by migrants, many of them underage, as well.

Well there’s a shocker! Are you telling me that migrants would lie?

These ‘refugees’ are nothing but caliphate people, exercising ‘Civilization Jihad’ by infiltrating Western societies in very large numbers with the ultimate goal of world dominance.

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Don’t be fooled. This report proves that they are lying, they are not who they say they are, and they are NOT here to do what they say they are here to do. They want to kill us.

The same thing is true with many of the DACA illegals. In Europe, these immigrants are also overwhelmingly male, of “jihadi” age, and few are from Syria, which was the excuse, or “the crisis.”

It is becoming clearer that the movers and shakers planned to do this long before the events in Syria. The idea is to break down western culture by force and intimidation, but not have the lefty governments get blamed for doing it themselves. All predicated on PC “tolerance.” The Swedes were pre-programed and prepped for decades to “tolerate” this “diversity,” and feel immoral if they oppose it.

Now we can see what all that “tolerance” propaganda over the years was in preparation for. And they never practice what they preach on the other side, which makes it all the clearer that they aren’t at all sincere.

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