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LAS VEGAS MASSACRE: Latest Radicalization Details are SICKENING, and Nobody is Talking About Them


LAS VEGAS MASSACRE: Latest Radicalization Details are SICKENING, and Nobody is Talking About Them

It seems that our shooter here was radicalized one way or another.

ISIS has just claimed responsibility for the deadliest mass shooting ever to occur in America.

The shooter, scumbag Stephen Paddock, killed himself as police were closing in, burying many of his secrets with him.

All social media accounts related to the shooter and his girlfriend, more importantly, have been deleted or otherwise wiped out.

As the fake news media companies including the MSM obsess over gun control and the fact that he is an elderly white male, there are many telling details that are being covered up, details you all should know.

First, the shooter supposedly converted to Islam months ago, per an ISIS video and statement released after the attack. How credible that is remains to be seen.

Second, the shooter’s girlfriend, one Marilou Danley, is reportedly still married to one Geary Danley, a known backer of radical leftist causes.

Third, the shooter himself had hashtags all over social media that included #notmypresident and #fuck45 among others.

So, the shooter seems to have either been a radical leftist sympathizer all along, or was, in San Bernardino fashion, radicalized by his girlfriend at a point of weakness and emotional vulnerability. He was, after all, reportedly in the middle of a nasty divorce.

This all adds up.

So the man was enraged, wanted to take his rage out, and found an outlet in radicalization.

What is the most interesting is the similarities, although not exactly clear for all to see, to the attack carried out by Muslim immigrant radicals in San Bernardino, California.

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Aside from the shooter not having an openly Muslim name, the rest is very similar. The girlfriend, the nature of the attacks, and the shooting of himself as police closed in all bear the hallmarks of a radically-inspired and well thought-out attack.

And remember, the Muslims love to carry out 2 or more waves of an attack to hurt first responders and impede the recovery effort. This man had cameras set up to be able to see first responders as they answered calls for help.

The evidence is striking, if you ask me.

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