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Could Kathy Griffin Be Anymore Pathetic?


Could Kathy Griffin Be Anymore Pathetic?

Is Kathy Griffin going to stop playing the blame game?

Ever since Ms. Griffin took a tasteless photo fantasizing about the beheading of President Trump. It has been empty apologies followed by one excuse after another. During her most recent interview she went as far to say that if she was a male this wouldn’t be happening.

How true is that?

What about the rodeo clown who’s livelihood was stripped away from him? What exactly did he do?

According to CNN,

“A rodeo stunt at the Missouri State Fair has come under criticism after a clown donned a Barack Obama mask and stuck on a broom that descended from his backside.” The stunt took place during the bull riding competition on Saturday night.
Rodeo announcer Mark Ficken, president of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association and a school superintendent, announced a special guest: “President Obama.”
Another voice is heard over the loudspeaker working up the crowd and saying, “We’re going to stomp Obama now.”
“As soon as this bull comes out, Obama, don’t you move,” the second voice said. “He’s going to getcha, getcha getcha, getcha.”


Do I support this?

Absolutely not. But, this persons livelihood was stripped for a lot less. Kathy Griffin’s photo painted an extremely clear picture. Which was the beheading of our President. ISIS style. The picture was taken in a time when we have leftist extremists threatening the lives of other American’s for choosing President Trump.

My final word:

Kathy Griffin, for a long time you have been in the public eye. You have been pampered by the same people you accuse of being against you. Those white men that you spoke against are the same ones who gave you your shot. And, instead of taking responsibility for your actions, you blame them for your stupidity. You are the exact type of person I am raising my children to be nothing like. You are a disgrace, and I truly wish to see you career crumble right in front of you.

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