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Just 4 Words From Trump DESTROYS The Complicit MSM!


Just 4 Words From Trump DESTROYS The Complicit MSM!

The Democrats said that this election was going to be a “Referendum on Donald Trump”; the MSM lapped it up and pushed the Referendum idea themselves…and it all backfired. It was a Referendum on President Trump, it just so happens that he won it! After the stunning victory for the Republicans (and mostly Trump) in Georgia, the President decided to Tweet the four words that have the Left frothing each time they hear them: “Make America Great Again!”.

The DNC has done this massive damage to themselves. they have lost every major election since Trump became President and were desperate to try and find something to fit their particular narrative (to deflect from reality), and when the polls showed the Democrat candidate would likely win, they “bet the farm” on the outcome and called it a Referendum.

So keen were they to win, that Party machines all over the nation began flooding Democrat Jon Ossoff with millions and millions of dollars (estimated $32 million); California actually spent 9 times more money in donations than Georgia itself! They were determined to buy this election regardless of the cost and would have made “political hay” for months afterward if they had won. But they didn’t, and it goes to show that you cannot buy off a patriot.

As reported in Swamp Drain:

The Georgia special election, to replace Republican Congressman Tom Price who became President Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, set a record for money spent in a congressional race.  Over $50 million was spent in the race, shattering the previous record by over $20 million.

Almost all of Jon Ossoff ‘s money came from outside of Georgia.  In fact, Ossoff received nine times more money from California than he did from Georgia.  Yet for all that money spent, Ossoff and the liberal Democrats received nothing.  Nada!  President Trump was quick to point that out last night.

But the Democrats could have won if they had just decided to put forward a policy other than “Trump is bad”. The DNC is doing a major disservice to all voters in the nation; government works best when there are two strong parties debating and making needed compromises for the betterment of the nation. When we have weak opposition, it makes us less strong.

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The Democrats need to re-evaluate what they stand for and come up with workable policies that benefit Americans instead of Globalist corporations and illegal criminals. Until they do this, they will just become weaker and weaker; they need a real clean out. Sweep away those tainted by the Obama and Clinton lies and get back to policies that benefit everyone.

Do you think that the Democrats should keep their people in place and just rework policy, or do you think that until they have a complete revamp that they will remain unelectable? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and share so we can get the debate started.


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