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IMPORTANT POLL: Has The Liberal Media Caused American’s To Be Divided?

Liberal media


IMPORTANT POLL: Has The Liberal Media Caused American’s To Be Divided?


The liberal media has caused America to be at the brink of violence ever since the inception of false narratives, and creative journalism. Whether they are trying to prove the President to be controlled by the Russian government, or blaming police for defending themselves. They seem to prioritize ratings over facts. Forget that these narratives have caused riots, prevented free speech and caused young minds to believe things that are downright not true. The mainstream media has proven they care very little for facts.

For example: Do you remember the liberal media giving the presidency to Hillary Rodham Clinton? I do. They actually guaranteed her the presidency. Do you remember the liberal media covering President Trumps tax returns? Yep. They really tried making him seem like a terrible person. Do you remember the liberal media trying to justify Hillary Clinton’s emails? Yes, indeed. They made her mishandling of classified information seem like it’s “no big deal”. Do you remember the liberal media pushing the false narratives of the Black Lives Matter movement? I do. In fact they made the assaulted police officer seem like he was wrong for defending himself.

The liberal media has caused hatred. Which is wrong. Never before have we regressed so much. Going as far as saying if you don’t vote for Obama you’re racist. Or, if you don’t vote for Clinton you’re a sexist. Forget voting for policy. Or, voting for the more qualified person. Elections for the left are now based solely on the race and the sex of the individual. Van Jones even went as far as calling President Trumps presidency a “white lash”. If America is curious as to where the racism in America is coming from. Turn on CNN.


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