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Hillary Won Rhode Island by 70,000 Votes – There Are 150,000 “Questionable Voter Registrations”

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Hillary Won Rhode Island by 70,000 Votes – There Are 150,000 “Questionable Voter Registrations”

Hillary Clinton won the State of Rhode Island by 70,000 votes in the 2016 Presidential election (and with it the all important 4 Electoral College Votes), the problem is, it seems that there are 150,000 people registered to vote in Rhode Island that do not have the right.

What is more disturbing is that the State Secretary, Nellie Gorbea (Democrat) claims that it’s not a case of fraud, “just inaccuracies”! This comes not long after she personally had purged the voter rolls of over 65,000 ineligible names and also removed another 30,000 voters as being “inactive”.

Did the State of Rhode Island purposely purge voter rolls of those who had historically voted Republican and allow to stand 150,000 ballots that they knew to be fake? If so, it is near impossible that this was organised by one person. It would have had to have been a full DNC operation targeted at building the right percentages for a Clinton victory.

All over the US, news is coming out of voter fraud and fake registrations committed by Democrats. When will the voting public wake up to te act that they are colluding to rob us of our most important right? What is more confusing is that Republicans are not calling for a major investigation into this. It is seeming more a more likely that both the Republicans and the Democrats are basically on in the same headed by Globalists who care nothing for the American people. They are united in one goal…End President Donald Trump.


As reported in the Federalist Papers:

The Providence Journal provided plenty of excuses for the not fraud:

When people move, especially when it’s not near an election, people often forget to tell voter registration officials that they’re gone, she said.

State and federal law set out a cumbersome process to remove people from the voter rolls: if an official elections mailing to them is returned as undeliverable, they can be marked inactive. If they fail to vote in the next two federal elections, they can be removed. “It has a lot of very strict protections on how and when you can remove people from the voter rolls,” said Gorbea.

But there is something we the people can do. Start writing to your State leaders demanding that photo ID laws are brought in for every State. Only when people must prove that they exist will we cut back on this shocking abuse of the electoral system. Demand action and punish them for inaction by voting only for candidates that want Photo ID.

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