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Hillary Clinton OWNED By Co-Host of “The View!”


Hillary Clinton OWNED By Co-Host of “The View!”

2016 election loser Hillary Clinton has a new book coming out. The aforementioned book is titled, “What Happened” and will cover Clinton’s innermost thought and feelings on Russia, the FBI investigation into her infamous email scandal, and apparently Donald Trump himself. According to Western Journalism, Trump supposedly made Clinton’s “skin crawl” during the second debate when he stood, at what she believes to be, “too close” to her.

Despite this latest sob story, Clinton is not exactly known for being the most honest person. In fact, one could argue that she is utterly incapable of honesty. Apparently, Jedediah Bila, co-host of The View wasn’t too moved by Clinton’s assertions either. Yesterday morning, she tweeted out the following post in response to Clinton’s statements about Trump making her skin crawl:

Bila raised a very interesting point. In 2005, Hillary Clinton was photographed at Donald Trump’s wedding to Melania. She stood sandwiched between Trump and husband, Bill Clinton, while beaming at Trump with the biggest smile that anyone has ever seen. In said photograph, she is much closer to Trump than during the second Presidential debate of 2016. It’s amazing how the story changes when Clinton wants to promote a narrative or sell a book.

Apparently, the American people aren’t buying her fish story either and employed Twitter as a tool to express their feelings:

Hillary Clinton has been caught in yet again, another lie. The woman is really not doing herself any favors. If she truly found Donald Trump to be as repulsive and disgusting as she claims, she wouldn’t have been glowing with glee as she watched him speak at his 2005 wedding.

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Of course, Clinton has an excuse for everything. According to her, she thought attending Trump’s wedding would be enjoyable, yet, was somehow troubled when he made a run for office. That sure makes a lot of sense!!!

“What Happened” is scheduled to hit bookshelves on September 12, 2017. It is amazing that Clinton is still not aware of what happened. What happened is she’s a pathological liar that voters did not trust and therefore did not elect. What happened is her plethora of past misdeeds [defending Thomas Alfred Taylor who raped a 12-year-old girl, laughing about her awareness of Taylor’s guilt, letting men in Benghazi die, lying about her emails, calling Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,” etc] came back to haunt her.

Hillary Clinton was one of the most untrustworthy, unliked, and unappealing candidates to ever run for public office in American history. She believed the role of President was entitled to her and was floored when she was ultimately defeated. Almost a year later, Clinton is still wondering “What Happened?”

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