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HARAM: Is the new iPhone Islamophobic?


HARAM: Is the new iPhone Islamophobic?

As you all probably already know, the new iPhone X by Apple will not feature the iconic “Home” button.

The new iPhone X will be unlocked using facial recognition technology instead of the fingerprint authentication technology we have all come to be familiar with.

There is only one problem…

The poor old burqa babes.

Apple, the champion of tolerance and leftist diversity, has left out their most coveted customers, the sharia sisters.

Apple’s new phone will force every burqa-clad woman to have to… unveil in public to open their phone.


Should they not choose to show their faces in public, an act forbidden by the tolerant sharia law, they would have to ask their husband’s permission, and user their husband’s face, to unlock their phones.

There you have it, folks.

Apple and the new iPhone are riddled with Islamophobia.

Also, facial recognition was first developed in Israel, making the phone “haram,” or forbidden, in the Muslim religion.


No Muslim customers for you, new iPhone!

Sure, they can opt to use a password instead, but this is just too good to be true!

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