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THE GUN CONTROL MYTH: Why Gun Control Will Not Help, And Will Actually Make Things Worse


THE GUN CONTROL MYTH: Why Gun Control Will Not Help, And Will Actually Make Things Worse

Gun control won’t stop gun violence; it will only increase it.

Gun control won’t stop shootings like the massacre that occurred overnight in Las Vegas.

Let me begin by asking this: Would you rather this happen once by a private citizen, a lunatic, like Stephen Paddock, or would you rather it happen virtually every single day by a tyrannical government?

This is the deadliest shooting of its kind on US soil, which means this has only happened ONCE at this scale. Ever.

Those are the same odds as getting struck by lightning twice in one day, which actually also happened once.

The point is, people use guns, knives, cars, trucks, and even bowls and cups if you’re Jim Jones, to systematically and methodically execute people, whether under their own will or not.

Let’s go ahead and ban all kitchen and transportation items in that case.

Once the government regulates everything and takes over like Big Brother, there will be violence and chaos in the streets everyday. Just look at Venezuela.

Liberal logic fails here, as it does everywhere else.

Another point to make is that areas with stricter gun laws are less safe, as criminals don’t give a rat’s behind about gun laws, and said laws only make it less safe for law-abiding, innocent citizens to defend themselves, leading to higher crime.

Look at Chicago versus El Paso, Texas, for example.

The numbers don’t lie. Only liberals pushing liberal narratives do.

Based on 2013 data, chances of being a victim of a violent crime in El Paso a city of some 700 thousand people, were 1 in 236, and the average homicides per year since 2001 was 15, while in Chicago, a city of 2.7 million, there were 455 homicides recorded in 2013.

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Gun laws don’t work.

They only disarm the innocent who actually follow laws, tipping the scale in favor of the criminals.

No thanks.

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