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German Government Says: 75% of Refugees Will Claim Welfare For LIFE!


German Government Says: 75% of Refugees Will Claim Welfare For LIFE!

According to Germany’s Commissioner for Immigration, Refugees, and Integration, Ayden Ozoguz, the present crop of migrants/refugees will continue to be a burden on the German taxpayer for life. By his estimation (and he is supposed to be the expert on this), 75% of those being granted the right to remain in Germany will live on Welfare payments for the rest of their lives.

It is thought that the initial groups of migrants that arrived at the beginning of the crisis were reasonably well educated and just looking for a better life…They had degrees and many could communicate in another language. But then the word got out of a “free life” with money and housing for all. This was the point when Angela Merkel announced they were changing the refugee policy from “fleeing war” to “fleeing poverty”; and the floodgates opened.

Migrants came from all over the Middle East and Africa, the Government’s own figures suggest that of the million or so that have entered Europe, less than 3% are actually Syrian Refugees. This has become known as “Merkel’s Madness”. She has destroyed the economic stability, the cultural heritage and the security and safety of the German citizens, she has ADMITTED it was a mistake, yet she refuses to stop it.

Merkel (hand in hand with the EU), has created a new sub-class in Europe. 75% of the migrants will never be economically self-supporting; they will have many children, and due to lack of integration and proper school places, many of the children will also become a burden on the State. When will the EU realise that without proper integration and border control, nothing but disaster awaits?


As reported on Pamela Geller:

Germany’s refugees — and there are many — will by and large be on the public dole for life, according to a new study provided labor officials.

Aydan Ozoguz, the country’s commissioner for immigration, refugees, and integration, said in an interview with the Financial Times that only a quarter of those being granted shelter in Germany would ever make it to the self-sufficiency stage.

From the Express:

“The Institute for Employment Research (IAB) found only 45 per cent of Syrian refugees in Germany have a school-leaving certificate and 23 per cent a college degree. “It said 484,000 of the refugees are looking for work, up from 322,000 last July — an increase of 50 per cent. “Of those, 178,500 are officially unemployed, meaning they not only have no work but are not enrolled in any training programmes or language courses — up 27 per cent on last July.


“Dieter Zetsche, chief executive of carmaker Daimler, said the refugees could lay the foundation for the ‘next German economic miracle.’ “But the truth about the migrants’ lack of qualifications and language skills is now sinking in. ‘Many of the first Syrian refugees to arrive in Germany were doctors and engineers, but they were succeeded by many, many more who lacked skills.’”


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Countries like Britain that have opted to leave the sclerotic EU may be safe from the dangers brought about by this mad Globalist agenda, But many other nations in Europe will not; and when things get so bad that they are on the verge of collapse, they will reach out to the only group willing to take control of their nations: The EU. And this was the plan all along.

Let us know your opinion on Integration of Refugees in the comments section below. Do you think more should be done to assist them, or do you think they should be making their own way in the world?


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