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FRAUD? Joel Osteen Opens Church “IF NEEDED” After Social Media Uproar


FRAUD? Joel Osteen Opens Church “IF NEEDED” After Social Media Uproar

The social media community is NOT happy with Pastor Joel Osteen.

To say the least.

The web has been flooded (no pun intended) with articles in the past few hours about how megachurch pastor Joel Osteen has not opened his doors to offer safety and sanctuary to flood victims. His church, Lakewood Church, is located in the Houston area and has a 16,800-person capacity.

The latest news reports that Joel Osteen has now opened the church to victims “if needed,” but the social media community isn’t buying it.

Almost EVERYONE is calling Joel Osteen a hypocrite, a phony, and a fraud.

According to the Daily Wire:

Is megachurch pastor, prosperity gospel enthusiast, and televangelist Joel Osteen not opening his church to Hurricane Harvey victims? Social media says so.

As the hurricane ravaged its way across Houston this weekend, Osteen announced that his megachurch – Lakewood Church near downtown Houston – will not be holding services on Saturday and Sunday. As Monday hit, Osteen asked his fellow Texans to lean on Christ for comfort.

“Due to the weather impact of Hurricane Harvey and concern for the safety of our members, all Lakewood Church worship services for this weekend, Saturday, August 26th and Sunday, August 27th have been cancelled,” read the church’s announcement.

“Jesus promises us peace that passes understanding,” he wrote. “That’s peace when it doesn’t make sense.”

On Monday, Lakewood Church released a statement asking that people donate to the Hurricane relief fund Samaritan’s Purse and that they were working with celebrity pastor Franklyn Graham to aid in relief.

Then the social media trolls got their hands on Osteen, all claiming the Osteen had cruelly closed the doors to his 16,800-seat arena church without offering sanctuary to people.

“You have taken so much money away from your people to live like a king,” entertainment publicist Danny Deraney blasted. “It’s the least you could do.”

Photos then began circulating showing that Lakewood Church appeared in rather stable condition, capable of accepting people.

To be entirely fair to Osteen here, HuffPo noted that “Lakewood Church has previously helped with relief efforts in the city, most recently hosting a benefit concert in 2016 after heavy flooding,” and “in 2001, the church sheltered roughly 5,000 Texans displaced by a tropical storm.”

Ministry spokesman Donald Llof says that the property, though intact, is inaccessible due to surrounding flood waters on the roads, saying that the George R. Brown Convention Center is better equipped to help victims.

“It has everything inside there — medicine, doctors, places to sleep,” Llof said of the convention center. “It’s amazing what they’re doing there to make people comfortable.”

Joel Osteen has yet to respond to the controversy.

Sounds a bit like a publicity nightmare to me.

While this story has caused quite the uproar online, there are people who are coming out and saying that this is a professional smear attempt.

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The majority still think that pastor Osteen has some explaining to do.

The story does say that it is difficult to get to the church given the current conditions in the hurricane and tropical storm-ravaged area of Houston, Texas. But it also says that the pastor has been silent regarding the publicity nightmare.

Where do you stand? Is Osteen a Philanthropist, or a Fraud?

Let us know, and share this to continue the conversation!


Source: The Daily Wire


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